Clear Rear Bidet | The Ultimate Review 2023

If you’re one of those people who shy away from the talk of bidets or feel awkward about cleaning the derriere, the Clear Rear bidet might just help you come out of your shell!

Clear Rear advertises its bidet through lighthearted humor, which I personally love about this bidet brand. I know many bidet companies like to market their bidets by focusing on luxury and sleekness, which is a great way to grab customers’ attention, but let’s be honest- talking about bidets can be embarrassing for some. So, the playful demeanor that they display through their ads makes the customer feel much more comfortable, I know it definitely did for me!

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Now, without further ado! Let’s explore the Clear Rear bidet as a product and its features!

Clear Rear Bidet: The Buttler

Clear Rear bidet has one product when it comes to bidets. This makes it perfect for someone who’s just starting out using bidets. No fuss deciding between different models and prices. It’s a one size fits all approach that is stress-free when it comes to shopping. I will always recommend Clear Rear bidet to anyone that is just starting their bidet journey.

CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment

clear rear bidet

Here it is in all its glory, the Buttler! It’s a super simple design, and it only takes up to 15 minutes to install… by yourself! Let me tell you, this was the easiest bidet seat I’ve ever installed. I’m pretty certain it didn’t even take 15 minutes to get this thing on and working.

It comes with easy-to-follow, fool-proof instructions. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve ever installed anything in your life. You’ll perform this task with complete ease!

Once you take the bidet seat out of the box, you’ll notice that it’s pretty straightforward to figure out. It’s non-electric, and you won’t need any batteries. There are two control settings on the side panel, one for water pressure and one for nozzle settings, nozzle positions, and self-cleaning nozzle mode.

The downfall to the Clear Rear bidet not being electric is the fact that you’re not going to get warm water settings. So it’ll be quite cold. I did, however, read 1 review where the customer had her handyman spouse add a mixer for hot water to create warm water. I’ve never tried this, but I looked it up because I thought it was a creative solution!

I found you can actually buy a valve kit that you can connect to your non-electric bidet, and it’ll add hot water to make your bidet water warm! Like this one, I found on Amazon. Just make sure to turn the hot water on the valve when you want warm water.

You can check it out here!


So, let’s talk about price. You can find the Clear Rear bidet for anywhere around $50-$69. Amazon is selling it for $49.49, a 21% discount from the regular price.

Although it’s not the cheapest bidet seat you can find on the market, I believe it’s worth the extra dollars from my personal experience. The attachment is well-made and so easy to install. Plus, I still love marketing, which makes it much more comfortable when I’m trying to educate people about getting a bidet.

I just send them this video… I hope it makes you giggle as much as it did me!

Other Products

Although Clear Rear only has one bidet product, they sell other accessories to make your Clear Rear bidet experience more pleasant!

  • UV LED Motion Lights

They have a collection of UV LED motion lights that can be installed in your toilet. With this setup, the motion-activated lights light up every time you go into the bathroom and lift the lid of your toilet. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can enter the restroom in the middle of the night and not need to turn on the overhead light. With these UV lights, you can tend to your business in near darkness with a calming, cool lighting system set up inside your toilet bowl.

  • Bathroom Mist Sprays

Clear Rear also sells a line of mist sprays that are essential for anyone who wants to clear the air after any bathroom visit. With these mist sprays, one press of the bottle will have the entire room smelling fresh and pleasant, no matter what has gone in there before. They sell multiple fragrances, from lavender to jasmine to citrus and more! Might I add that jasmine is my personal fav!

  • Eco-Friendly Hand Towels

Of course, Clear Rear also offers other bathroom products that are perfect for any home. They have eco-friendly hypoallergenic hand towels which will look and work perfectly next to any bathroom sink.

  • Bumpers

There are also toilet seat elevation bumpers for their bidets, which can make your entire trip to the toilet far easier and more customizable.

The Wrap Up

Clear Rear has grown significantly over the last few years, and I can definitely see why! I hope this review has helped to realize too! As I said previously, I’d recommend the Clear Rear bidet to anyone, especially someone buying a bidet for the first time.

But what if you’re not feeling this brand? Maybe you want some more features. Maybe you’re not a newbie to bidet toilet seats, and you’re looking for an upgrade. Luckily, there are plenty of great alternatives on the market!

Nowadays, multiple brands sell terrific bidets that buyers with total ease can easily install. You don’t need to be an expert to bring these products home and get them working in no time.

Some of the most popular companies that rival Clear Rear include LUXE, Veken, TUSHY, BioBidet, and more!