Brondell Bidet | The Best Review and Comparison 2023

brondell bidet

Are you considering a bidet for your bathroom in 2023? If so, the Brondell bidet may be the answer to your “toilet paperless” dreams.  Bidets offer improved hygiene and convenience compared to the traditional toilet paper method. Using a combination of adjustable water pressure, spray angles, temperature control, oscillation patterns, and customizable features, all designed … Read more

The Best Smart Toilet | Top 6 for 2023

smart toilet

You never know how much you need a smart toilet until you have one. What is a smart toilet? It’s essentially that piece of bathroom furniture you use every day but with built-in technology that lets you interact with it in helpful ways. Smart features can provide added comfort, functionality, or even entertainment.  Let’s take … Read more

Alpha Bidet | The Best Review of the JX, GX, and iX 2023

alpha bidet

Bidets are the self-care accessory that every bathroom deserves. Whether you are a long-standing (or sitting!) user or a newcomer, knowing the ins and outs of your bidet will help you get the best value for your purchase.  When it comes to choosing one, you’ll need to pick a brand that carries the specifications that … Read more

Clear Rear Bidet | The Ultimate Review 2023

clear rear bidet

If you’re one of those people who shy away from the talk of bidets or feel awkward about cleaning the derriere, the Clear Rear bidet might just help you come out of your shell! Clear Rear advertises its bidet through lighthearted humor, which I personally love about this bidet brand. I know many bidet companies … Read more

Ove Toilet: Review of the Best 3 OVE DECOR Smart Bidets

ove toilet

When it comes to bidets, there’s nothing quite like a OVE Toilet Smart Bidets. The OVE toilet has modern and intelligent bidet systems that come with many benefits and features for anyone who wants them. Not only do they have some pretty cool functions, but it’s also one of the most affordable options today. Don’t … Read more

How To Install a Bidet: Easy 5-Step Guide

how to install a bidet

So you got a new bidet or are thinking about getting one? But now you’ve got to learn how to install a bidet. No worries, we will go over how to install a bidet step by step in this article. Let’s go over some basics about the bidet first. A bidet is basically a hybrid … Read more