Ove Toilet: Review of the Best 3 OVE DECOR Smart Bidets

ove toilet

When it comes to toilets, there’s nothing quite like smart bidets. The OVE Toilet manufactures an interesting, smart bidet system with many benefits for anyone who wants them. Not only do they have some pretty cool functions, but it’s also one of the most affordable options today. Don’t worry if you’ve never bought a bidet … Read more

How To Install a Bidet: Easy 5-Step Guide

how to install a bidet

So you got a new bidet or are thinking about getting one. But now you’ve got to learn how to install a bidet. No worries, we will go over how to install a bidet step by step in this article. Let’s go over some basics about the bidet first. A bidet is basically a hybrid … Read more

Hello Tushy Bidet: The Best Review and Buying Guide 2022

hello tushy bidet

Hello Tushy Bidet is a brand of bidets that focuses on their environmental impacts over much else. They try to raise awareness of the benefits that using a bidet has on the environment and provide a portion of their sales to places in India that need more functional and safe toilets. It makes sense that … Read more