Smart and Practical Ideas for Making Your Kitchen More Sustainable in 2023

As the effects of global warming are felt globally, more and more people today are turning towards sustainable alternatives to things already present in their lives. People are changing their ways as much as possible, from starting to use metal straws instead of single-use plastic ones to changing up things in their homes to make them more energy-efficient. 

This is why there’s been an uptick in demand for housing made from more sustainable materials and a focus on energy efficiency. 

If you want to know more about how you can make your kitchen more sustainable, keep reading! 

Use Second Hand or Upcycled Furniture 

There’s no denying how deforestation is one of the most significant factors leading to the climate catastrophe we’re in today, which is why avoiding feeding more into the wooden furniture industry. One way to do this is to avoid buying from them – this will drive furniture manufacturers towards more eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 

kitchen more sustainable


While that happens, you can try to buy second-hand or upcycled furniture. This way, you’ll save money and avoid contributing to the already bad climate situation. If you’re worried about how long the furniture will last, rest assured. Sturdily made material like plywood cabinets and dining tables and chairs made of high-quality wood isn’t damaged easily. 

Buy From Ethical Brands 

When you’re out shopping for groceries, pay attention to the companies you’re buying from and avoid any that have harmful practices, don’t treat their labor fairly, or refuse to kick back on the pollution they create, both in the air and in water bodies near their factories. 

If you want to buy vegetables and spices, buy from local farmers in farmer’s markets instead of grocery stores and bigger outlets. You can even purchase condiments and sauces from local businesses that make them from healthy and local ingredients and are environmentally conscious about their packaging and general practices. 

Do Away With Disposable Items 

Ethical packaging and environmentally conscious businesses bring us to the next point in our conversation. Eliminating or decreasing the plastic waste your kitchen produces is probably one of the biggest steps you can take towards sustainability in your home. 

Don’t buy any plastic straws, plates, cups, or spoons. If you want to get any storage boxes, make sure they’re made of metal or other sustainable materials that are either biodegradable or can be eventually recycled. 

Enough people taking steps like this can drastically reduce the damage that continues to be dealt with our oceans and might reduce the rate of landfills running out of space. 

Reduce Water Usage 

It might feel like water is available in abundance these days, but the reality is far from it. Clean drinking water needs to be saved as much as possible, which means you need to start being careful about how you use it in the kitchen. 

Avoid running the dishwasher unless it’s completely full, cover the pot when the water is boiling, and don’t just let the faucet run when you’re washing dishes by hand. All these steps can be extended to all over the house as well – take shorter showers, don’t leave the tap on when you’re brushing your teeth, and be careful about water usage when you’re doing the laundry.

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