The 5 Steps to Getting Solar Panels For Your Home

Many homeowners are getting solar panels, but some are still wary about the process,
as it seems like a major home renovation. We’ll dispel your worries by walking you
through the basic steps to getting solar panels for your home to show you how easy
it is to make the switch!

Site Assessment

Before designing and eventually installing your new solar panel system, the installers
and designers must ensure your home (site) can host solar panels. The assessment will
involve checking that your roof, or wherever you plan on putting the panels, is
structurally sound and that your power setup can switch to solar. In most cases, the
assessment is a formality for collecting the final details of how you’ll install and set up
your new solar panels.

System Design and Permits

With the details and measurements of your home, it’s time to finalize the solar panel
system’s design. The solar panel installers will work out the details and present them to
you for a final review.

Once you approve the design, the installer will bring it to local city and municipal
authorities for approval. Finally, the installer will send the permitting documents and
notify you when everything is approved.


With all the paperwork settled and the final details worked out, it’s time to install your
solar panels! Depending on the details of the system (number of panels, size of panels,
mounting structures, etc.), the installation typically only takes a day—maybe two. Often, you don’t even have to be there as the installers hook up your home with its new

Final Inspections

There’s one more piece of paperwork to complete before you can activate your solar
power system: the inspection. To pass your solar inspection, you and your installers
must ensure the system has the safety requirements and regulations of the city and
state, including warning labels and signs for the system and grounding the system. After
the city inspection comes the utility connection, where the utility company will also
inspect the system to confirm its safety and compatibility with the utility grid.

Hook Up and Power On

Once the solar panel system passes inspection, all that’s left is to hook them up to the
grid and power them on! Once the utility company connects your system to the grid,
your home is finally ready to use solar power. Let the sun do the work!


Now that you know the steps to getting solar panels for your home, you can see that
it’s a relatively straightforward process. Depending on how well each step goes, you can
complete the entire process in just two