Bidet Extension Cords: Everything You Need To Know

There are several hurdles that can stop you from buying a bidet, and dealing with electricity and wiring is likely the biggest. As you’ve landed on this page, I’m assuming you don’t want to take the easy route and opt for a non-electric bidet. After all, nothing compares to having a luxury heated seat and … Read more

How To Shred Cardboard For Compost & Worm Bins: 5 Ways

how to shred cardboard for compost

If you’re considering adding a load of cardboard to your compost pile, you may be wondering what the most effective way of shredding it is. In this article, I cover 5 different ways of shredding cardboard for compost, including: Using a box cutter (great for small amounts of cardboard) Using an electric cutter or box … Read more

How To Add Bokashi To Compost: Bins, Tumblers, And Worm Bins

Recently filled up your bokashi bin and figuring out what to do with your bokashi pre-compost? If you’re considering adding bokashi pre-compost to your current composting setup, this article is for you. I cover: Adding bokashi to compost piles and open-bottom bins Adding bokashi to compost tumblers and specific watch-outs for enclosed bins Adding bokashi … Read more