Bio Bidet Discovery DLS VS BB-2000: What’s Best & Why

Buying a new bidet can seem like an impossible task.

Who knew there could be so much jargon and features?!

But fear not, I’ve reviewed and tested more bidets than I care to remember. In this review of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS VS BB-2000, I cover:

  • The main differences between the DLS and the BB-2000
  • How to decide if Bio Bidet’s luxury model (DLS) is right for you
  • A closer look at the Discovery DLS’s ‘Dynamic Spray Mode’ and why you need it

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

What’s the difference between the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS and BB-2000?

Both the BB-2000 and the DLS come with a wireless remote, self cleaning nozzles and a warm air dryer. The Discovery DLS also offers an automatic opening and closing lid, nozzle sterilization, a sittable lid, and a ‘dynamic spray mode’. The BB-2000 has a pulsating spray mode and hybrid water heater.

The Best Option

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

Bio Bidet’s top of the range model features an automatic opening and closing lid and a unique ‘dynamic spray mode’ that alternates between jets of hot and ambient water.

Also Fantastic

Bio Bidet BB-2000

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 features a hybrid water heating system, an air deodorizer, and one of the most powerful sprays of any electric bidet.

Discovery DLS quick summary

Discovery DLS from BioBidet

The Discovery DLS is Bio Bidet’s newest flagship model (at the time of writing) – released in December 2020. It’s a high-end bidet seat equipped with top-of-range features.

The DLS has an automatic opening and closing seat and lid, UV wand sterilization and a spray mode that alternates between hot and cold water. All these features are unique to the DLS.

The remote has been completely redesigned and (in my opinion) is the best designed remote on the market.

As well as having a wealth of fancy features, the DLS excels at all of the core elements you expect from a bidet seat.. 

Bio Bidet is so confident of the DLS’s quality they are backing it with a 5-year full warranty and priority customer support.

Did you know that you can try the DLS completely risk free for 30 days? (click the link for exactly how to do this).

Bio Bidet BB-2000 quick summary

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 has long been a best selling bidet. It was released in 2013 but still flies off the shelves to this day.

How well it’s stood the test of time is a testament to how good this bidet is. It’s positioned at a lower price point than the DLS, so lacks some of the modern ‘wow’ features.

One of the reasons the BB-2000 is still so popular is because of its USP. The BB-2000 has one of the strongest spray pressures on the market rivalled only by its little sister the BB-1000 (more on this later).

A strong spray might sound scary, but the BB-2000 aerates its spray (infuses it with air bubbles), so it feels soft and gentle despite all its power.

You can also try the BB-2000 completely risk free for 30 days. (click the link for exactly how to do this).

Shared features between the DLS and BB-2000

Both bidets share the following features:

  • One nozzle that offers a front and rear wash mode
  • Heated seat with 3 different temperature settings
  • Adjustable water temperature (3 temperature settings)
  • Adjustable water pressure (5 pressure settings)
  • Adjustable air dryer temperature (3 temperature settings)
  • Adjustable nozzle position (5 positions)
  • Nozzle oscillation 
  • Power save mode
  • Warm air dryer

Both seats offer nozzle oscillation where the nozzle moves backwards and forward during the wash cycle to provide a fuller coverage spray. A nice touch on the DLS is that this mode is set to start by default whereas on the BB-2000 you need to turn it on.


First up I’m going to talk about the design of the bidet seats. Look, feel, fit and construction all come into this.

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a bidet seat you want it to look the part.

Look and feel

Top down view of the BioBidet-2000 (left) vs Discovery DLS (right)

You can tell by looking at the bidets that the DLS is newer. It looks more sleek and streamlined. 

The whole body is one color (white), while the Biobidet has a silver bar at the back with a small black control panel. 

The other thing to note is how slim the DLS is. 

Side on view of the BB-2000 (top) vs Discovery DLS (bottom)

One of the problems with bidets is that they tend to be bulky at the back and this creates a slope that pushes the user forward on the seat.

BB-2000Discovery DLS

As you can see, the DLS is significantly less bulky than the BB-2000. It measures 1 inch shorter at the back (4.8″ vs 5.8″). 

This not only makes the seat look a lot better, but it also makes it more comfortable to sit on.

Only the Toto S550e (one of the most expensive bidets on the market) can compare to the DLS’s silhouette, measuring 4.7″ at the back.

Weight capacities (seat and lid)

Weight capacity is one thing that sets BioBidet apart from its competitors so it’s no surprise the new DLS comes with a 400lbs weight limit. This is the same as the BB-2000.

Most bidets come with a weight limit of around 300lbs.

Both the BB-2000 and the DLS are very well suited to heavier users

The DLS also boasts a sittable lid that can support up to 200lbs. Sittable lids are really useful for anyone with mobility issues because they provide somewhere to sit in the bathroom where they may not otherwise be one. 

The BB-2000’s lid isn’t designed to bear any weight (fairly common for electric bidet seats).


Both the DLS and the BB-2000 offer an elongated size, but only the BB-2000 comes in a round size. 

Neither bidet will fit a toilet with a french curve.

Remote controls

The only similarities between the remotes of these two bidets is that they’re both remotes. 

BioBidet-2000 remote control (left) vs Discovery DLS remote control (right)

The design, look and feel of the remotes are very different. 

I’m a big fan of the BB-2000 as a seat, but I’m not a fan of the BB-2000’s remote control. It’s not the most intuitive to use because everything’s depicted by symbols – there are no words to describe what each button does. 

It does have a sizeable LCD screen so you can see what settings are activated, but to make room for this the buttons are all squished at the bottom. For anyone with shaky hands the buttons are a little too close together. 

The DLS remote has had a complete redesign and it’s so much better. It’s crystal clear what each button does because it’s described by words – not symbols. 

The buttons are well spaced out and the remote looks really sleek and simple. It’s not intimidating when you first look at it like the BB-2000’s remote. 

Both remotes come with wall mounts so you can secure them when not in use. Unfortunately, neither of the remotes are backlit so you’ll need to rely on the night lights to see them in the dark.

Both seats also come with some ‘emergency’ controls on the side of the seat in case of a remote loss or malfunction. The DLS control panel allows you to perform an auto wash which is a rear wash for 90 seconds followed by 4 minutes of air dryer. The BB-2000 has a touch-screen panel with the option for a front or rear wash.

Heating method

How a bidet heats it’s water has long been a defining trait. There are currently three main methods. Tank, tankless or hybrid.

The BB-2000 uses a hybrid heating method with a small tank and on-demand heating

The BB-2000 uses a hybrid water heating system. 

It has a small warm water tank which is drawn from when you first start the wash, and the rest of the water is heated on demand straight from the pipes. 

This means you have instant and unlimited hot water. The water tank eliminates the risk of an initial cold water shock, and the on demand heating means you’ll never run out of hot water.

The Discovery DLS uses a tankless heating system with on-demand heating

The DLS uses a tankless system. 

Hot water is heated in the pipes and it can never run out. There is the risk of an ambient water shock for the first split-second of the wash because there’s no hot water stored in the bidet. But, on the other hand, this heating method is the most energy-efficient because there’s no need to heat water constantly. 

Wand cleaning

Wand cleanliness is an important factor all bidets and most address this by having a self-cleaning wand.

But the BB-2000 and DLS differ in how their wands are cleaned.

Discovery DLS UV wand sterilization

The DLS uses a UV light to sterilize its spray wand

The DLS takes ‘self cleaning wand’ to the next level and uses UV sterilization techniques to clean the spray wand. After each wash cycle, the wand is automatically sterilized with a UV light. 

This gets rid of any germs and means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the spray wand yourself. 

The spray wand is also rinsed with water before a wash cycle, and there’s a button on the remote which will extend the wand for manual cleaning.

BioBidet-2000 Hydro flush

The BioBidet-2000 rinses the spray wand inside and out

The Bio bidet’s wand is also self-cleaning but it simply rinses the wand with water before and after a wash cycle. There’s no sterilization involved, so you’ll still have to disinfect it if you’re worried about germs building up. 

The wand does use hydroflush technology, which essentially means it cleans the wand inside and out. 

There’s a button on the BB-2000 remote for on-demand cleaning. You can give the nozzle a 20 second wash whenever you feel like it.

The BB-2000 wand can also be extended for a manual clean.

Nozzle construction

Both bidets use a single nozzle with different spray holes for their various functions. But the construction of the wands is a little different. 

BioBidet-2000 spray wand (left) vs Discovery DLS spray want (right)

The DLS nozzle is a single-piece stainless steel nozzle. This makes cleaning really easy because there are no cracks or gaps where germs can hide. And it looks good. 

The BB-2000 uses mostly stainless steel, but the tip of the wand is plastic and removable. The removable tip is useful for when you want to give it a thorough clean. And because the BB-2000 doesn’t have UV sterilization like the DLS, you’re probably going to want to clean the spray wand more often. 

Most other bidet manufacturers choose to either use plastic or stainless steel. For example, Toto Washlets use plastic while Brondell bidets mostly use stainless steel.

Bowel-stimulating spray modes

One of the benefits of a bidet is that the water can help provide relief when you’re struggling to go to the toilet. 

Both bidets offer a bowel-stimulating spray mode, but they work in different ways.

Discovery DLS dynamic stream

The DLS’s dynamic stream changes from hot to cold

A feature unique to the DLS Discovery is the dynamic water stream. When activated, the water stream alternates between hot and cold water.

The temperature change stimulates your muscles and helps to get your bowels moving when you’re having some trouble. 

This is the first time I’ve seen a bidet offer this feature.

BioBidet-2000 vortex spray

The BB-2000 offers a vortex mode, which is widely recognised as one of the best enema functions on the market. 

It sends a strong, swirling stream of water shooting towards your behind. The swirling action helps the water penetrate and quickly provides you with much needed release.

Which one’s better?

Personally, I prefer the hot and cold water therapy method because I find the enema function on the BB-2000 slightly too strong to be comfortable.

Spray pressure

The BB-2000 is known for its superior water pressure.

Pressure can be a struggle for electric bidets because they have to generate the pressure themselves, they can’t rely on the house water pressure like non-electric bidets

The BB-2000 gets round this problem by having a small motor in it’s water tank that can generate a powerful spray. This pump also works to power the enema spray.

To give some context, the BB-2000 pumps a maximum of 0.185 GPM, while the most expensive bidet Toto (the s550e) pumps a maximum of 0.11 GPM. That’s a pretty significant difference.

If, like me, you’re a bit put off by a strong spray there’s no need to worry. You can adjust the pressure to be as strong or as soft as you’d like.

The DLS doesn’t match up to the BB-2000 in terms of spray power, but it’s not weak either. The spray is above average and will deliver a solid cleansing experience.

Auto wash 

This is a minor difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Both seats have an auto-wash function, but what happens when you activate it differs.

The DLS will activate a 90 seconds wash and a 4 minute dry. You can skip forward to the drying part by pressing the auto wash button again.

The Biobidet will activate a 30 second wash and a 1 minute dry.

The DLS is making sure that the auto wash function will get you clean and dry, while the BB-2000 option might leave you feeling like you’re not totally clean. Of course, you can always run the auto wash twice but that’s not exactly ideal.

Warm air dryer

Both bidets dryers are situated to the side of the spray wands

Both bidet seats have warm air dryers – but the DLS’s dryer had been upgraded to provide adjustable fan speed as well as temperature.

The BB-2000 lets you pick from 3 different temperatures, but the fan speed is fixed.

The DLS lets you pick your preferred temperature and fan speed. The fan speed options are low, medium and high.

The high speed is noticeably stronger than the BB-2000’s dryer (although it’s still going to take a minute or so to dry you fully).

Night light

Both seats have nightlights to help guide you to the toilet in the dark, but the DLS’s is much more effective.

Discovery DLS night light (left) vs BioBidet-2000 night light (right)

The BB-2000 has a small blue light on the side of the seat that illuminates the on-seat controls. To be honest, I’d struggle to call it a nightlight. It’s not going to allow you to see anything. It’s more of an indicator light.

The DLS has an in-bowl LED light which lights up the whole bowl with a cool-white light. The in-bowl light gets you to the toilet, and helps you see the remote more clearly. It’s especially useful for males who need a decent light to aim properly.

There’s a button on the DLS remote so you can turn the night light on and off whenever you need. 

To turn the BB-2000 nightlight off you need to press a combination of the “stop” and “temperature” buttons for 3 seconds to turn it on and off. Not impossible, but more complicated.


The DLS is Bio Bidets newest offering and their most premium. The warranty reflects that.

  • The DLS offers an industry-leading 5-year full warranty as well as priority customer service (which you hopefully won’t need!)
  • The BB-2000 offers a 3-year full warranty with the option to upgrade to 6 years for an extra $99

You can also purchase the 6-year warranty for the DLS, but you won’t get a discount on the price so it’s not great value for money.

BB-2000 unique features

These features are only found on the BB-2000 – they’re missing from the DLS.


The BB-2000 has an automatic deodorizer that will start running as you sit down on the seat.

The deodorizer filters the air from in and around the toilet, removing any foul odors. Whatever happens on the toilet, your bathroom will stay smelling fresh. 

Since it’s a carbon deodorizer, it neutralizes odors rather than masking them. There’s no fragrance involved so the air will come out smelling of, well, nothing.

Deodorizers are a common feature on bidets so it’s quite surprising to find it missing on the DLS. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me, but I can see why some people would really miss it! Especially if your old bidet had one.

Pulsating spray mode

The BB-2000 offers one spray mode not found on the DLS model – a pulsating massage spray. The spray alternates between high and low pressure sending short bursts of powerful sprays at your behind.

It’s a nice feature to have, but by no means a deal breaker if it’s missing. The DLS has the dynamic spray instead, which alternates between hot and cold water (so good).

Discovery DLS unique features

These features are only found on the DLS, they’re missing from the BB-2000.

Automatic open and close lid 

This is the ultimate flex. 

As you approach the seat, the lid will automatically open for you and welcome you to sit down.

There’s also a button on the remote to open the seat. 

This creates a totally hands free experience – you don’t have to touch the toilet at all. 

You can either close the seat and the lid when you’re finished using the remote, or you can walk away. After two minutes of inactivity they will automatically close. 

You can of course turn off the automatic opening if it annoys you and just use the buttons on the remote. 

Only the highest-class bidets seats such as the Toto S550e and the Novita BH-90 (and now the Discovery DLS) offer automatic open and closing.

Missing features from both seats

A feature missing from both seats that you’d usually find on high end bidets are user presets.

User presets allow two users to decide their favourite water pressure, temperature nozzle position (and a few other settings) and the bidet will remember them.

Then, instead of having to adjust each setting individually each time, you only need to press one button and the bidet will do the adjusting.

If you always use the same settings on the bidet this feature can be a nice touch.

If you’re dead set on having user presets, check out the Toto S550e or the Brondell Swash 1400.