Compost Pages

Can You Compost Melon?

Melons and melon rinds make a fantastic addition to any compost pile. They rot down quickly and worms love them too.

Can You Compost Limes?

People tend to avoid composting limes for a number of different reasons. In this article we debunk some common myths about putting limes in your compost.

Can You Compost Quinoa?

Composting can sometimes seem more complex than it is. If you’re wondering how to compost quinoa, check out a few of our simple tips below.

Can You Compost Leeks?

Leeks can technically be composted, but there are certain situations where you may want to reconsider adding them to your pile.

Can You Compost Vegetable Oil?

Although it is technically possible to compost vegetable oil, we don’t recommend adding anything more than a small quantity to your compost pile.

Can You Compost Garlic?

The majority of your garlic scraps can be composted, with a couple of exceptions. If you find yourself with some leftover garlic, be sure to follow our handy composting tips below.