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Can You Compost Paper Plates?

Paper plates come in many forms. Some are coated in colors and plastics. Whether you can compost your paper plates will depend on a number of factors.

Can You Compost Jam?

Jam, preserves and jelly can all be composted. But if you only have a small bin, be sure to not overwhelm your greens/browns balance by adding too much.

Can You Compost Ivy?

Ivy, also called Hedera, can quickly become a nuisance in your garden. If you find yourself with lots of Ivy to dispose of, think twice before adding it to your compost pile.

Can You Compost Flour?

Flour is generally fine to add to your compost heap, but only in the right proportions. The type of flour will also impact whether it’s classified as a green or brown material.

Can You Compost Rice?

Rice can be a tricky item to compost. It can attract unwanted visitors and breed bad bacteria. However, if you follow the steps we outline below, you shouldn’t encounter many problems.

Can You Compost Pasta?

Pasta is compostable, but you’ll need to make sure that you take some precautions to prevent attracting any rodents or pests to your pile.