Best Options for Reusable Paper Towels in 2022

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Paper towels are one of the most popular materials for cleaning. They can come in handy to wipe off tables, dust off windows, and more. Unfortunately, they create a lot of waste. In recent years, reusable paper towels have become more popular. What are these items?

If you want to learn more about reusable paper towels, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about these items, how they benefit the environment, and what our top picks are.

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Now, let’s dive right in!

What Are Reusable Paper Towels?

Reusable paper towels can sound ridiculous, especially in the world we live in today. We’re used to paper towels that wipe, soak, and sit in the garbage until they go into the trash can outside. What are reusable paper towels?

Just as they sound, reusable paper towels are sheets that can come in handy more than once. It’s a wet cloth that can be utilized and washed as many times as possible and, when it starts to fall apart, it can be composted rather than thrown away.

Reusable paper towels are one of the best ways to clean without creating waste. Are they beneficial for the environment?

How Are They Beneficial For the Environment?

There are many ways reusable paper towels are beneficial for the environment. They’re excellent for those who want to keep a clean space but don’t want to deal with the excess from traditional paper towels. Let’s talk about how reusable paper towels are ideal for the environment.

If you care for Mother Earth, you’ll enjoy reusable paper towels because:

  • Many use recycled paper rather than chopping down trees
  • They can dissolve and benefit the environment after use
  • They are unbleached
  • They utilize less energy to create

Reusable paper towels leave less of a footprint on the environment.

If these factors have interested you in reusable paper towels, you might be ready to make the switch. How do you know which brands are the best amongst all offered on the market? We have you covered.

Best Reusable Paper Towel Brands

There are plenty of reusable paper towel brands on the market. With so many to choose from, how are you supposed to pick one that will work best for your life? Let’s discuss some of our favorite picks.

Scotch-Brite Reusable Wipes

reusable paper towels

First up is Scotch-Brite Reusable Wipes. Scotch is a well-known brand, and its wipes are simple to clean. You can wash them or rinse them off by hand. They’re lightweight and effective at cleaning up spills.

Scotch-Brite Reusable Wipes are:

  • Easy to use
  • Sold as multipacks
  • Effective

You can find them almost anywhere.

Scotch-Brite Reusable Wipes are available for $5 on Amazon. They’re one of the most inexpensive options. Unfortunately, they’re not compostable.

Eco Nuts Reusable Towels

reusable paper towels

Eco Nuts Reusable Towels are a cruelty-free option made from strengthened bamboo fibers. This material permits them to handle tasks like cleaning floors and scrubbing pans.

Eco Nuts Reusable Towels are:

  • Able to withstand multiple washes
  • Compostable
  • Affordable

You’ll get plenty of use out of this product.

You’ll find Eco Nuts Reusable Towels for $20 on Amazon. One of the best things about this product is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to panda conservation efforts.

Lola Products Wowable Reusable Paper Towels

Lola Products Wowable Reusable Paper Towels come in a large roll. Many sources have reported the roll to last for at least two years, which is an incredible deal. They’re made from wood pulp and unbleached cotton for strength.

Lola Products Wowable Reusable Paper Towels are:

  • Non-GMO
  • The size of a standard paper towel
  • Dyed with natural ink

There’s a lot of natural material to love here.

You’ll find a roll of Lola Paper Towels for $20 on Amazon. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this product.

Tru Earth Swedish Dishcloths

Tru Earth Swedish Dishcloths are one of the most absorbent choices on this list. They can hold 15x their weight in liquid, making them much more effective than a traditional roll of paper towels.

Tru Earth Swedish Dishcloths are:

  • Colored either naturally or with bright hues
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Able to clean without streaking

They can last for an entire year if you don’t use them too often.

You can find them for $25 for a pack of six towels. They’re an affordable choice for those who want to save a little money.

Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels

reusable paper towels

Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels are just as effective as they are colorful. This family-owned brand hand-makes its items in Oregon and is committed to composting. They last much longer than most brands, and they’re said to get more absorbent after a few washes.

Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels are:

  • Chic
  • Shipped with a roll
  • Trimmed and enclosed on the edge to prevent fraying
  • Designed to accent a colorful kitchen

They’re designed for the chic kitchen.

You can find a pack of 24 for $65 on Amazon. They’re pricey, but they’ll last longer than the less expensive options out there.

Paper(less) Towels

Paper(less) Towels are just as exciting as they sound. They’re made from 100% cotton flannel, which eliminates the risk of microplastics invading water sources when you wash them. They’re strong enough to clean anything,

Paper(less) Towels are:

  • Colorful and plan in print
  • Easy to store
  • Made to last

You’ll get a lot from this brand.

Paper(less) Towels are sold for $30. They’re gorgeous to look at and simple to clean.

If You Care

reusable paper towels

If You Care paper towels are the last choice on this list. They’re made of a mixture of eco-friendly materials and designed to replace up to 18 rolls of paper towels. You can even compost them when you’re done.

If You Care paper towels are:

  • Washable
  • Compostable
  • Strong

They’re some of the best options out there.

You can find If You Care paper towels for $10 on Amazon. They’re one of the most affordable choices out there, and you won’t have to replace them for a long time. You can’t beat the name!

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