What’s The Best Bidet For Women?

By Veronica Fletcher | 
Last updated on April 2, 2021

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Bidets are an eco-friendly, hygienic alternative to toilet paper. They use water to cleanse you leaving you with the fresh feeling that you get when you’ve just come out of the shower – every time you go to the bathroom.

There’s a common misconception that bidets are just for men, but there are plenty that cater to a woman’s needs too.

So, what’s the best bidet for women? The best bidet for women will have a feminine wash mode with a wide spray setting. This ensures that you’ll get a full coverage cleanse. Look for a bidet with an aerated spray for a gentler experience. Self-cleansing spray wands also help to keep the bidet hygienic.


Toto s550e

The Toto s550e washlet will make your bathroom feel more like a spa. The bidet cleans your toilet bowl for you and has an automatic closing lid.


Brondell Swash 1400

This bidet has three different spray width settings and sterilizes the spray wands with silver nano-particles.


Luxe Bidet Neo 320

This bidet attachment has separate nozzles for rear and feminine washing, as well as self-cleaning spray wands and a guard gate.

Best bidets for women

I’ve chosen these bidets because they all have features that make them particularly suited to feminine washing as well as being great all-round bidets.

I’ve only mentioned the things that stood out to me as a female as being useful. There are plenty of other selling points for each bidet.

Make sure before you buy the bidet that you’ve selected the right size for your toilet! There’s generally a round and elongated version of each bidet.

If you have a round toilet, why not check out my guide to the best bidets for round toilets as well. The Brondell Swash 1400 features on both lists.

Toto s550e – Best Luxury Bidet For Women

Toto washlets are the original bidet, and the s550e is the best Toto washlet you can get. It comes with a massive list of features, but I’ll just talk about the ones that make it an excellent choice for women. 

The Toto only has one spray wand, but it extends far enough to function as both a rear and feminine washer. There are several different cleaning modes, but the most relevant to females is the wide front cleanse. It’s a larger radius, low-pressure spray explicitly designed for intimate cleansing. 

The spray wand is cleaned automatically before and after use. It’s purged both inside and outside using Toto’s unique eWater+. eWater+ stands for electrolyzed water. It’s an effective disinfectant that limits bacterial growth on surfaces. 

Not only are the wands cleaned automatically, but so is the toilet bowl. As you sit down, the bidet pre-mists the toilet bowl to prevent anything from sticking to it. The bowl is misted again after use with eWater+.

The use of eWater+ massively reduces how often you have to clean the toilet, saving you time and reducing the need to use harsh chemical cleaners. During long periods of low usage, the bidet will automatically run an eWater cleanse every 8 hours to keep the toilet fresh.

The bidet and spray wands are made from a material that repels water and causes liquid to bead on the surface rather than spread and cling. This is similar to the lotus effect in nature. This effect repels dirt and means that a light mist is enough to thoroughly clean the surface. No scrubbing required.

The bidet also boasts an air deodorizer that gets automatically triggered before and after you use the toilet. It neutralizes odors and ensures a pleasant experience, no matter who was there before you.

A unique feature to the Toto s550e is that you can set the bidet up so that it automatically raises and closes the lid and the seat of the toilet. This means you’ll never walk into the bathroom and see the seat left up again!


Toto has a range of other bidet seats that vary in price and the features they offer. Other ones in the range that are good for women include the s350e, the s500e, and the K300. I have reviewed these separately in my roundup of the best TOTO washlets.

Brondell Swash 1400 – Best Overall Bidet For Women

The Brondell Swash 1400 has two separate stainless steel nozzles for front and rear washing. There are three different spray widths so you can adjust how much coverage you get, as well as the temperature and pressure. There’s also an impressive seven different nozzle positions to pick from. This means no wiggling to get the exact aim needed.

Once you’ve found the perfect settings, you can set up a user preset, and the bidet will remember them. The males in your house can mess around with the settings as much as they want and it won’t matter. With the touch of a button, the bidet will adjust the water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position back to your chosen requirements.

If you want a really fresh feeling, you can use the oscillation/massage modes where the spray wands move backwards and forwards.

This bidet has self-cleaning nozzles, but instead of just rinsing the nozzles with water, the Brondell Swash sterilizes the nozzles with silver nanoparticles. And the seat features on-demand cleaning so you can clean the spray wands whenever you want. 

To deal with any bad smells, the bidet has a removable carbon deodorizer that doesn’t just mask odors but actively absorbs them. You can replace the carbon filter as and when you need to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. No more waiting for 10 minutes after your partner has used the bathroom in case it smells.

If you care about the look of your bidet this seat has hidden pockets to keep the water and power connections out of sight. This means it looks more like a standard toilet seat, and you don’t have any unsightly wires around your toilet.

BioBidet BB-600 – Also Great For Women

The BioBidet BB-600 is an entry-level electric bidet that offers many of the same features you’d find on the luxury options.

It offers dual self-cleaning nozzles, a warm air dryer, and a heated seat.

The separate nozzles are separately engineered so the spray is uniquely suited to its purpose, be that front or rear cleaning.

The back nozzle has one water jet to create a powerful spray. The front nozzle has seven different water holes to create a full coverage but gentle spray. The stream of water is bubble-infused to make it even more gentle. There are two ‘special’ modes: oscillating and massaging.

In oscillating mode, the spray wand moves backward and forwards making it really suited to front washing.

Another cool feature is the kids’ mode. My sisters’ kids often get confused with all the different options on the bidet, and they found having a single button they could press to clean themselves quite useful. 

In terms of hygiene, the nozzles are stored in the bidet and only appear when the bidet is in use. The nozzles are purged with water before and after each use to keep them clean. There’s no option for on-demand cleaning, but the nozzle heads are removable for manual cleaning.

The bidet itself is made using antibacterial material, so you don’t have to worry about harmful bacteria building up on the seat.

Luxe Bidet Neo 320 – Best Budget Bidet For Women

The luxe attachment is best if you’re looking for a no-thrills, budget option. It’s an attachment so doesn’t replace your whole toilet seat like the above options. Instead, the luxe bidet sits in between your toilet seat and the toilet itself. 

The Luxe 320 has dual nozzles with one for cleaning your rear and another more gentle nozzle for front end cleaning.

Once you’re finished using the bidet, the nozzles will automatically retract behind the built-in guard gate to keep them protected from general dirt or unwanted splashes. You can manually open the gate if you ever want to access the nozzles for cleaning.

Another hygiene feature is the self-cleaning mode that you can activate whenever you want. When you activate it, the bidet thoroughly rinses the nozzles with fresh water. 

Best of all, even though this is a non-electric bidet, you still have a hot water option via a sink connection. If you don’t mind not having the hot water option, go for the Luxe Neo 180 or 185. These are the same as the 320, minus the hot water connection.

If you’re after a non-electric seat then you can take a look at some more that I recommend in my roundup of the best non-electric bidet seats. Looks for ones where I’ve specified that there’s a feminine wash mode.

Buyers Guide

Here are some of the features I look out for in my bidets to make sure they’re suitable for the female anatomy.

Separate rear and front wash modes

The most important feature a bidet can have for a woman is a feminine wash mode.

Most bidets with this feature will have two separate nozzles. The nozzle dedicated to front washing will extend further and have a different angle to ensure it can reach.

Less often a bidet will have only one spray wand, but it will have a good range of positions with multiple nozzles dedicated to female cleansing.

Some people prefer separate wands because it means the front wash spray wand has less chance of suffering from splashback from your rear end. But if you have a self-cleaning wand this isn’t a problem.

Spray type

The spray for the feminine washing tends to be lower pressure than the spray used for rear cleansing.

For the best experience, you should look for a bidet that offers an aerated or bubble-infused spray.

Aerated sprays offer a gentler experience but have enhanced cleaning power.

It’s also useful if the bidet offers a wide spray setting or oscillating mode to make sure you get a full coverage spray.

Retractable/Guarded wands

Splashback can be a concern for women who want a hygienic experience.

To minimize the risk of splashback, look for a bidet that has retractable wands. Retractable wands only appear when the bidet is in use so aren’t in the way when anyone is going to the toilet.

Self-cleaning mode

Cleaning isn’t specific to women, but if the men in your house are anything like mine they wouldn’t be caught dead cleaning the toilet. That means it falls down to me, so anything that means I have less to clean is helpful.

Self-cleaning can refer to the wands, as well as to the bidet itself. Cheaper bidets will just use water, but the more luxury options often have specially formulated water that enhances its cleaning power.

On-demand self-cleaning is ideal because it means you can freshen up the bidet whenever you feel like it.

Antibacterial materials are also a plus when looking at what each bidet is constructed from.

A dryer

Bidets with built-in dryers allow you to dry yourself hands-free.

Of course, the dryer isn’t necessary and you can always just use toilet paper to pat yourself dry. This is more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

Can I use a bidet on my period?

You can absolutely use a bidet on your period. In fact, using a bidet will make your life much more pleasant.

A bidet will wash away your period blood quickly and efficiently using only water so there’s no chance of irritation. Wet wipes can contain ingredients that irritate the sensitive skin around your frontal region.

Using a bidet also makes sure no residue gets left behind and reduces the risk of funny smells.

Period blood is different from the blood that comes out of your hand if you get a cut. It’s a mixture of blood, tissue, and bacteria that if left hanging around for too long can start to smell.

Using toilet paper, you might unintentionally miss some blood and not realize until it’s too late. Bidets provide a much more thorough clean and will get rid of all the blood, even in hard to reach places.

Did you know you can also use the bidet water to clean your menstrual cup? You can take care of all your feminine hygiene without ever leaving the comfort of the toilet seat.

Are bidets safe for women?

Bidets are very safe. If you use your bidet correctly, it won’t cause any irritation or infections. Bidets use fresh water straight from the waterline, not dirty water from the toilet as some people think!

The ones we’ve listed here all have self-cleaning modes. They clean the spray wands before and after use. Some even clean the toilet bowl for you. This makes sure the water you’re using to wash yourself is germ free and safe.

Will using a bidet give me a UTI?

Some women fear that using a bidet will result in a urinary tract infection because water from the rear could contaminate the front.

After you’ve used one a few times, you’ll realize that this fear is unfounded. You won’t get a UTI from using a bidet.

The rear wash is well-aimed, and it doesn’t go anywhere near the frontal region. Likewise, the feminine wash will likely not even get your bum wet. There’s minimal risk of any transfer happening.

Bidets can actually help prevent UTI’s developing. It’s a well-known rule that you should pee after sex to avoid UTI’s. A bidet helps with this cleanup.

If you do end up with a UTI, then the bidet will provide some much-needed relief from your symptoms.

Bidets and pregnancy

Bidets are a godsend both during and after pregnancy.

Using a bidet during pregnancy

In the latter stages of pregnancy, mobility can become an issue and it can be hard to reach down to wipe yourself. With a bidet, this isn’t a problem. You’ll never have any issues staying clean, no matter how big you get.

Growing a tiny human isn’t easy. It comes with some unpleasant side effects, including hemorrhoids. A bidet is a great help when it comes to hemorrhoids. Wiping with an abrasive toilet paper would only further irritate the area. Washing gently with water soothes the area and can help reduce irritation.

Using a bidet postpartum

The same goes for once you’ve given birth. It’s going to be pretty sensitive down there for a while. Using a bidet will be much more comfortable than wiping yourself with dry toilet paper.

If you have a surgical birth, then a bidet is even more useful because it can be painful to bend over. Having a bidet eliminates any worry you might have about using the toilet and makes it a stress-free experience.

Check out my article on the best bidet for postpartum use for my recommendations.

How does a woman use a bidet?

It can be pretty confusing sitting down on a bidet for the first time. But luckily, using a bidet is very simple.

If you’ve only gone for a number one, then you only need to engage the front wash setting. Pick your ideal water pressure and temperature (if your bidet has different temperature settings) and then wash until you feel clean. If you think the water isn’t hitting the right spot, try adjusting the wand position.

Once you’re done, if your bidet has a dryer you can dry yourself with this. Or you can use toilet paper.

If you’ve gone for a number two, you’ll also want to use the rear wash. This works the same as the front wash in terms of settings. If you’re going to use both of the washes, you’ll have to do each one separately. You can do them in any order. I like to do the rear wash first followed by the front wash.

Some of the more expensive bidets have the option to create user presets. You can pick a variety of settings and get the bidet to remember them, so the next time you use the bidet, you only have to press one button rather than adjusting the individual settings each time.

What type of bidet is best for a woman?

There are a few different types of bidets. The most common are portable bidets, bidet attachments, and seats, or handheld bidets.

The best type of bidet for a woman is a bidet seat or an attachment. These are the only type that specifically offers a feminine wash mode and hygiene features to keep them clean.

If you need to use a bidet outside of your own home, or you’re renting, then a portable bidet is useful to have too. They’re small bottles with long spouts that you fill up with water from the tap and squeeze. I use the HappyPo because it works great and I think it’s very good looking for a travel bidet.

If you want more information about portable bidets, head over to my guide to the best portable bidets.

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