A Guide To The Best Bidets For Heavy and Obese People

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Not all bidets are made equal. We look at the three strongest and most comfortable bidets for larger and bariatric users.
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A bidet can be extremely helpful for overweight or bariatric users who have mobility issues and therefore problems using the toilet.

Most bidets can accommodate weights up to 320 lbs. But some perform much better than others, and the best bidets for heavy people can take up to 450 lbs.

In this guide, we explore the key features of a bidet which are essential for bariatric and heavier users. These include:

  • Overall build quality
  • Wider seating area
  • Strong water pressure
  • Wireless controls
  • Air dryer


We also give our recommendations and reviews of the best bidets you can buy if you’re on the bigger side.

Bidets for larger users - quick picks
bio bidet bliss bb-2000 toilet seat
This luxury bidet has a night light, patented self cleaning nozzles and can accommodate up to 450lbs.

We think this bidet is the best value for money, and has one of the most powerful sprays available.

Despite the lower price this seat still comes with a maximum weight rating of 440lbs, and added extras like a heated seat and air dryer.
Table of Contents

How To Choose A Bidet For The Larger User

You should look out for several things when buying a bidet for a heavier user. Some, like the build quality and seating area, are non-negotiable. Extra attributes like the built-in air dryers on some models mean that there’s less or no need to wipe, but aren’t essential.

Type of bidet

The best type of bidet for an overweight user is an electric bidet. Non-electric seats and bidet attachment options offer strong water pressure but have hard to reach controls. Bidet sprayers are easy to reach but can be difficult and awkward to use if you’re on the larger side.

Portable bidets are great for on the go and travel but don’t produce a strong enough spray to ensure efficient cleaning every time.

Build quality

First and foremost, you should consider the build quality and weight capacity of the bidet. While a lot of bidets on the market today have a 320lb maximum load, others have ratings that go up to 450lbs, such as the BioBidet Bliss BB2000.

It’s worth noting that despite the advertised weight limits, there’s still a significant difference in quality between a budget bidet toilet seat and one of the more premium options. Your budget and the price you’re willing to pay will impact the selection here. But fear not, even if you’re on a budget, there are still some reliable options to explore.

Large seating area

An ample seating area is essential for the heavier bidet user. We highly recommend opting for an elongated bidet seat where possible. 

These seats have wider openings and more support at the back.

Wireless Remote Control

Bidet seats will come with either an attached side control panel or a detached remote.

For users with a wide girth, an attached panel can be very inconvenient and challenging to reach. You might even find that you can’t reach it at all because you’re sitting on it.

Therefore, we recommend electric bidets with wireless remotes.

Strong Water Pressure

The water pressure of bidet seats can vary quite significantly between brands and models. Ideally, you want to look for a bidet which has a strong pressure as standard, as well as multiple moving spray settings. 

A moving and forceful spray will do a better job at cleaning compared to a weaker static spray, especially in hard to reach areas.

You should also take a look at the type of coverage the wand provides. Full coverage wands will save you time because they’ll clean your whole bottom in one go.

Air Dryer

While not being essential for heavier users, an air dryer can reduce the time and effort spent wiping up once done – or eliminate it. After you experience the freshness and convenience of a warm air dryer after using the toilet, you’ll never want to go back to hand drying.

Benefits of Bidets For Overweight Users

It can be hard to feel thoroughly clean if your size means you can’t wipe properly without a lot of effort. A bidet toilet seat will solve this problem and help improve your downstairs hygiene.

Bidet toilet seats have one or multiple spray nozzles built-in which operate after you’ve been to the toilet. They spray and clean your sensitive regions leaving your bottom feeling fresh and clean. 

The integrated nozzle on bidet toilet seats means that you can use the toilet without needed to wipe your bottom as much, or even at all! Some bidet toilet seats, like the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1000, even have an enema function built-in. This seriously increases the pressure and cleaning power.

If you’re a larger lady, many bidets also feature a more gentle feminine wash. This milder, front-facing spray helps to clean frontal areas and reduce itchiness and sweating.

Bariatric Bidet Reviews

There are our picks for the best bidet toilet seats for heavy users.

You’ll notice most of the options are Bio Bidet models who engineer their seats to accommodate loads up to 400 lbs, unlike their well-known rivals Kohler and Toto, whose seats can take a stated maximum load of 300lbs.

BioBidet Supreme BB-1000

  • very powerful spray
  • different wash setttings inc. enema function
  • dryer
  • wireless remote with big buttons
  • doesn’t have the highest capacity
Weight capacity – 400lbs

The BioBidet Supreme BB-1000  is our top bidet for overweight users. We think it has everything important while not being too expensive, and represents the best value for money.

Bio Bidet released this model in 2004, and it’s still widely recommended today, which gives you an idea of how good it is.

The seat comes with a wireless remote control allowing you to operate all of the bidet’s functions without having to manoeuvre awkwardly to reach the buttons. 

The remote is one of the largest on the market and comes with prominent, easy to press buttons. This will prevent any frustration from endlessly pressing the wrong buttons on small fiddly designs improving your experience.


BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 remote


As well as having a plus-size remote, the BB-1000 model also has one of the most powerful sprays you can find. Bio Bidet says the pressure and cleansing ability of this seat cannot be beaten.

There’s a vortex wash setting which is great for blasting those hard to reach areas clean. And several other settings such as oscillating and massaging sprays which increase the reach of the spray.

Another feature that helps to get as much cleaning power as possible is the heated water jet. We all know hot water cleans our dishes better… Well, the same goes for your bottom! The BB-1000 uses a reservoir heating system, meaning the water is hot from the very first second and there are no cold shocks.

On top of the must-have features for the heavier user, the bidet also boasts a heated seat and heated air dryer. The air dryer really does help if you are unable to fully reach behind or in front.

BioBidet Bliss BB2000

  • powerful spray
  • different wash setttings inc. enema function
  • dryer
  • wireless remote
  • night light
  • unlimited hot water
  • remote has smaller buttons
  • expensive
Weight capacity – 450lbs

The bio bidet bliss BB-2000 has the highest capacity of the bidets on our list at 450 lbs. It’s also the most luxurious bidet a heavy user can buy.

The BB-2000 is a newer model of the BB-1000 so has a lot of the same features, plus some upgrades.

A new feature that’s particularly relevant for the heavier user is the wider spray. Bio Bidet designed the stainless steel nozzle to give a fuller coverage as standard, so you can be sure the wand will clean your whole backside with one spray. 

The spray volume is about 40% higher on this seat compared to other models. If you’re after a premium seat with a robust and full spray, this is the bidet toilet seat for you.

The electric bidet seat also has an advanced hybrid water heating system which means it’s 25% slimmer than other bidets you can buy, while still supporting obese individuals. This system also means there is unlimited hot water, unlike in the BB-1000 where the hot water runs out when the pre-heated tank runs out of water.

Another nice feature is the night light. In the dark, the seat will be illuminated with a soft blue light so you can use it without turning on the light.

One potential downside to this seat for heavier users is the remote, which doesn’t have the extra-large buttons of the BB-1000 controls. But they’re by no means small.


bio bidet bliss bb-2000 remote


It does, however, have an LCD screen so you can easily see the current settings, and there’s a touch-activated side panel attached to the seat which you can use to control the more basic functions.

SmartBidet SB-110

  • dryer
  • cheap
  • turbo setting with high pressure spray
  • child setting
  • no wireless remote

Weight capacity – 440 lbs

SmartBidet SB-110 is the most affordable bidet for overweight people. But it still comes with the sought after extras such as a heated seat and a dryer function.

The wand is self-cleaning and has several different settings, including the turbo setting which is the most vigorous functions for those times you need some extra oomph.

If you have children, the seat has a unique ‘child setting’, which is a set of fixed functions aimed at children, so they don’t have to mess around with the controls.

Depending on your exact size, the remote controls may be a little tricky to reach. Of course, after the initial experimenting, you’ll likely know what buttons to press naturally.

If you’re set on having a wireless remote, the Bio Bidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat is a good alternative, but you’ll have to sacrifice the dryer.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you find a bidet seat that suits your needs as a heavy person.

Whichever one you pick we can guarantee it’ll be a great addition to your bathroom.

If you’re still wondering about the other bidets on the market, check out our guides below for more information.

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