The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Bath Mats Available To Buy Today [Plus DIY Options]

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We've searched high and low for the best eco-friendly bath mats available on the internet today. Keep reading to discover our top 10 picks.
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If you’re in the market for a new eco-friendly bath mat, it can be a tricky task finding one that’s sustainable as well as functional and stylish.

We’ve rounded up the best organic, jute and bamboo bath mats to name just a few. If you’re after a non-stick bath mat that goes inside the bath, skip straight to the right section here.

Why not check out our picks for the best eco-friendly bath towels as well?

Quick Picks Best Eco-Friendly Bath Mats
Best Bamboo

Bambusi's modern design is crafted using eco-friendly Moso bamboo. A luxurious and durable choice.
Best Overall

This 100% organic cotton bath rug from Grund is luxurious, sustainable and ethical. And to top it all off, it's GOTS certified and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Natural rubber is biodegradable and can even be composted in your home compost pile. The bath mat is chemical-free and comes in cardboard packaging.
Table of Contents

Best Eco Friendly Bath Mats and Rugs

Our picks for the 8 best sustainable, eco-friendly bath rugs.

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

  • quick drying
  • natural, chemical-free
  • easy to clean
  • anti-skid
  • durable
  • not soft and fluffy

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring material with a neutral pH and excellent adsorption properties. The eco-friendly bath mat has millions of micropores that can absorb water within minutes. The mat also has air purifying properties and can absorb smells keeping your bathroom fresh.

The bath mat itself isn’t fluffy like cotton mats and feels hard underfoot. But it’s super easy to clean by just wiping with a cloth, and it’s anti-skid.

The minimalistic design comes in 5 neutral colors that will complement any bathroom. Marbrasse (featured) only offers one size (23 x 15 inches), but another brand DXY offers a smaller size (16 x 12 inches) for those of you with less space.

Grund Puro 100% Organic Cotton Bath Rug

  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • reversible
  • 5 year warranty
  • multiple colours, sizes and shapes available
  • ethically made in India
  • no non-slip backing

This 100% organic cotton bath rug from Grund is luxurious, sustainable, and ethical.

The soft and absorbent cotton is GOTS certified. This means it’s produced following the ethical and environmental guidelines set out by the Global Organic Textile Standard, who regulate everything from farming to shipping.

The reversible bath mat has no non-slip backing, but Grundy claims it’s 60% thicker than other bathrooms rugs, and the extra weight helps to keep it in place.

The ethical bath mat is available in a range of different sizes up to 24″ by 60″, which is a great size bath mat for double sinks.

Bambusi Foldable 100% Bamboo Bath Mat

  • foldable
  • stylish design
  • slip-resistant
  • requires maintenance

Bambusi has a whole collection of bamboo bathroom accessories. Their modern designs aim to bring a touch of nature into your bathroom.

They use mosa bamboo, which is a sustainable, durable material. As with any bamboo mat, it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture for extended periods because this can lead to mold.

Cleaning the bath mat regularly, especially in between the slats, will help it last longer.

The mat is foldable, so it’s a great eco-friendly bath mat for small bathrooms.

We also really liked this bamboo bath mat from Mosa, which is a slightly different size if Bambusi’s bath mat doesn’t work for you. Gobam is another brand that offers sustainable bamboo bath mats – they have a range of sizes and colors to pick from.

Turkish Cotton Sustainable Bath Mats

  • budget friendly
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • multiple colour choices
  • ethically made
  • no non-slip backing

Turkish cotton is considered to be one of the highest quality textiles around. The extra-long fibers make it super soft, while also being absorbent and quick drying.

The cotton is grown organically and is often picked entirely by hand. As a brand, Salbakos is committed to sustainable practices and treats its workers fairly. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity.

As well as being organic, the eco-friendly bath mats contain no toxic chemicals. And the lack of heavy machinery used in the manufacturing process massively reduces the bath mats overall carbon footprint.

100% Jute Ethical Bath Mat

  • reversible
  • durable
  • budget-friendly
  • hand-made
  • prone to shedding

If this jute bath mat is looking strangely familiar, it might be because you saw it on our roundup of the best eco-friendly doormats.

Jute is a soft but resilient material, so it’s suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

The ethical bath mat has been hand made by artisans and is reversible, which doubles its life.

Jute is compostable, so when the bath mat reaches the end of its life, you can chuck it in your garden compost bin.

One downside to this bath mat is that because it’s made of natural fibers, you might experience some shedding, which isn’t ideal in the bathroom.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Shower Mat

  • rollable for easy storage
  • waterproof coating
  • anti-slip
  • requires maintenance

Another bamboo option, this one is made using smaller slats so you can roll the bath mat up for convenient storage.

The eco-friendly shower mat has a waterproof coating, but the manufacturer still recommends you leave it to dry between uses to help prolong its life.

Like the other bamboo bath mats, this one also has anti-slip feet.

Sustainable Cork Bath Mat

  • low maintenance
  • naturally slip-resistant
  • biodegradable
  • slightly small

This biodegradable shower mat is straightforward in design, but this takes nothing away from the functionality.

Cork is a fantastically diverse material. It’s water and rot-resistant. It’s also naturally anti-slip, so the bath mat doesn’t need any rubber backing.

Furthermore, it’s a natural insulator, so will feel slightly warm to the touch when you get out of the shower. No more nasty cold surprises!

If you want to learn more about corks eco-friendly credentials, why not read our guide to cork and its sustainability.

Best Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Bath Mats (For In The Bath)

Here are our top 3 picks for the best eco-friendly non-slip bath mats to use in the bath or shower.

HEVEA Natural Rubber Bath Mat

  • plant-based rubber
  • eco-friendly packaging
  • non-toxic
  • compostable
  • won’t shed microplastics
  • only two color choices

The Hevea bath mat has 200 suction cups to keep it in place while you shower. It’s great for children sitting in the bath, as well as any adults who need a little extra help keeping their balance.

The natural rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees and is completely compostable. The packaging is made of cardboard making this a zero-waste bath mat.

The material is non-toxic and free of chemicals including BPA. It also won’t shred microplastics when you use it.

Hevea also sells natural rubber bath toys to go with the bath mat.

TPE Non-Slip Bathtub and Shower Mat

  • drainage holes
  • range of colors
  • non-toxic
  • budget-friendly
  • synthetic

This sustainable bath mat is made from TPE. TPE material is synthetic but considered sustainable because it uses less energy to produce than materials with comparable properties.

The mat is recyclable and free of BPA, latex, and phthalate.

The large drainage holes help water circulate and prevents any water from resting on the surface of the mat. There’s a range of colors to pick from, all of which will help brighten up your bathroom.

Eco-Friendly Anti Slip Bath Mat

  • textured surface
  • budget-friendly
  • drainage holes
  • natural material
  • only one color option

Salinka’s natural rubber bath mat has a textured surface for extra anti-slip protection. The additional grip help to massively reduce the risk of injury in the bath.

Natural rubber is latex, phthalate, bpa and pvc free. There are small drainage holes around the outside which help residual water to drain away but don’t detract from the simple design.

DIY Bath Mat Ideas

Towel Bath Mat

A neat idea to reuse any old towels you have lying around is to turn them into a recycled bath mat.

Watch the youtube video below to see how it’s done.

The resultant bath mats are fun, colorful, and easy to make.

Pebble Bath Mat

This one requires a little more effort but can look very stylish.

DIY eco friendly bath mat

You’ll need to source some small pebbles – if you live near a beach, this should be easy. Make sure they’re smooth enough to stand on comfortably.

You can also try your local gardening store, or buy the pebbles online.

Next, you’ll need a shallow tray or frame to hold the pebbles.

This can be anything you want, as long as it’s waterproof.

Once you have both these things, put the pebbles in the tray, and your shower mat is ready to go.

Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY wine cork bath mat

Wine drinkers rejoice, there’s finally a use for all your leftover wine corks!

Once you have enough corks, simply stick them together with some strong super glue, and you’ll have a homemade bath mat.

If you like this idea but don’t like DIY, you can also buy wine cork bath mats online.


Buying an eco-friendly bath mat doesn’t involve any compromise on quality and whatever your style, we hope you’ve found one you like.

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