Toto C200 VS Brondell Swash 1400: Is It Really Worth Spending More?

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Shopping for a bidet can be hard work.

There are so many different features and it can be hard to know what you need and what you don’t.

I’m here to help clear up the confusion and let you know if that tankless heater is really better than a tank. (Hint: I think it is).

In this review of the Toto C200 VS Brondell Swash 1400 I’ll cover:

  • How to decide which heating method you need
  • Toto’s Premist and how it compares to Brondell’s on-demand sterilization
  • Differences in warranty terms between the two units

Let’s jump right in.

So, what’s the difference between the Toto C200 and Brondell Swash 1400?

Both the Toto C200 and the Brondell Swash 1400 come with an air dryer and deodorizer, a wireless remote, and user presets. The Brondell Swash 1400 offers unlimited hot water, a 3-year warranty, night light, and on-demand wand cleaning. The Toto C200 has a pulsating spray mode and premist function.

In a rush? Click here to view the Toto C200 and here to view the Brondell Swash 1400 (both open in new tabs).

Update 19/03/2021: Toto has now released the C5 washlet, which is due to replace the C200. Check out my comparison of the C5 and C200 here. I highly recommend purchasing one of the newer models now (unless the C200 is drastically cheaper).

What’s the same?

The bidets share most basic features and some more luxurious ones. I go through them below.

If you want to skip straight to the differences, click here.

Core basics

The core basics are things no electric bidet should be without.

They’re the essential functions a bidet needs to work. Luckily, both the Toto C200 and the Brondell Swash 1400 have all the features I would consider ‘core’.

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature
  • Soft-close lid and seat
  • A seat sensor (so the bidet will only work when someone’s sitting on it – LIFESAVER if you have kids)
  • Quick-release seat for easy cleaning 
  • Self-cleaning nozzles that clean themselves before and after each use
  • Oscillating spray mode (a backwards and forwards motion)
  • Aerated water. Bubble infused water offers a gentler spray and reduces water consumption while not affecting the water’s cleansing ability. 

Wireless controls (with user settings)

Bidets either come with an attached control panel or a wireless remote.

Both the Toto and the Brondell come with a wireless remote control. 

Brondell Swash 1400 vs Toto C200 remotes
Brondell Swash 1400 remote (left), Toto C200 remote (right)

They look a little different, but they function in much the same way.

I much prefer wireless controls to side panels because I find them more comfortable to use. The buttons are right in front of your face rather than around and down to the side (even describing it is hard!).

Another plus both these remotes come with is the ability to remember user presets. Two people can set up their favorite temperature, pressure, and wand positions, and the remote will save them.

Next time you go to use the toilet, you don’t have to mess around with the settings. You just need to press one button.

Air deodorizer

Ever leave the bathroom and cringe when someone else walks in straight after?

Then do a silent prayer that it doesn’t smell too much?

(maybe that’s just me).

With an air deodorizer, that will NEVER happen again. As you sit down, both bidets will start to draw in air from around your toilet. The carbon filter will trap and neutralize any foul odors, so you can go about your business confident the bathroom smells just as fresh as you found it.


Both the bidets feature air dryers of a similar strength. 

The maximum airflow for both is 0.26m3/min

This won’t blow you away, and isn’t designed to dry you in just a few seconds.

But it will get rid of the majority of water and drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you need to use.

Differences in shared features

Not all shared features are equal. For example, both the bidets have a warranty, but the length of the warranty differs.

Read on to find out by how long, and what other differences there are in common features.

Heating method

There are three different ways a bidet can heat water.

bidet water heating methods
Different bidet water heating methods
  • Tank Method: A somewhat clunky tank holds a constantly heated supply of hot water.
  • Instant Method: A small coil is used to heat the cold water supply on demand.
  • Hybrid Method: A mixture of the above. A very small reservoir combined with a heating coil. 

The Toto C200 uses the tank method. The tank provides INSTANT hot water, but it’s limited to how much is in the tank. At the highest pressure, you’ll get around 1 min 30 seconds of hot water (longer if you use a lower pressure).

The Brondell Swash uses the instant method. There will be a 1-second delay for hot water as it heats up, but it’s UNLIMITED once it’s up to temperature. The instant method is a lot more energy efficient than the tank method because it only uses energy when you need it (rather than all the time).

Water Pressure

Flow rate is one way to measure water pressure. It tells you how fast the water comes out.

Both these bidets have a similar maximum flow rate:

The Toto C200 lets you adjust this with five different options, while the Brondell only offers three. This wasn’t a big deal for me and I could easily find a setting I was comfortable with on both bidets.


Brondell Swash 1400 vs Toto C200 spray wands
Brondell Swash 1400 spray nozzles (left), Toto C200 nozzle (right)


All of Toto’s nozzles are made of plastic, while the Brondell swash 1400 uses stainless steel.

Stainless steel looks more premium, and there’s an argument to say it’s more hygienic. Stainless steel lacks pores where debris can build up, so it stays cleaner for longer.

However, the Toto wand is coated with an antimicrobial material, which also prevents the build-up of dirt.

Unless you much prefer one material’s aesthetic, I don’t think either one is better than the other.

Number of nozzles

The Brondell swash 1400 has two spray nozzles, while the Toto C200 has one.

This doesn’t make a whole heap of difference, but some people prefer to have two. One is dedicated to the front, and one to the rear. 

Having separate sprays means it’s easier to get the aim right, so you need to do less shuffling around on your seat. 

Toto’s spray wand can move position, so there’s no worry about it not reaching your front. But you’ll have to make sure you’re sat fully back on the seat and might need a few goes to find the best position. 


Brondell Swash 1400 vs Toto C200 dimensions
Brondell Swash 1400 dimensions (left), Toto C200 dimensions (right)

The C200 is more chunky than the Brondell. It’s almost two inches taller in the back (due to the water tank). 

The Brondell is slimline in comparison and prides itself on being able to fit in nicely in a modern American bathroom. 

Brondell Swash 1400 hidden pocket
The Brondell Swash 1400 has a hidden wire pocket

The Swash also comes with a secret pocket to hide the connection wires at the back of the toilet. This is a really unique feature that goes a long way to improving the look of the bidet.

Nothing is more satisfying when you’re tidying electricals than hiding the wires. Why not have the same for your toilet?

Both bidets offer a choice of colors and come in round and elongated.


Hopefully you won’t ever have to use your warranty. But it’s always nice to have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

The Toto has a one-year full guarantee. The Brondell offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Time after purchaseToto C200Brondell Swash 1400
1 year100% coverage100% coverage
2 years No coverage75% coverage
3 yearsNo coverage50% coverage


Both bidets offer a way to save energy, but the way they do it is slightly different.

With the Swash, you have to turn eco-mode on and off. When it’s on, the bidet will lower its temperature settings 10 minutes after last use. I would suggest turning it off overnight and when you leave for work.

With the Toto, the power saving mode turns on and off automagically.

The bidet learns your patterns and recognizes periods of low or no usage. During these times, the bidet will automatically lower the temperature settings.

Both bidets will slowly bring the temperature back up to normal if you sit on them while they’re in eco mode. 

Despite the automatic eco-mode on the Toto C200, the Brondell Swash will likely still consume less electricity overall due to not having a constantly heated water tank.

Brondell Swash 1400 exclusives

These are the features found on the Brondell Swash 1400, but NOT on the Toto C200.

Spray widths

It’s normal for a bidet to offer different temperatures and pressures, but the Brondell Swash 1400 goes a step further and allows you to customize the width of your spray.

Brondell Swash adjustable spray widths
The Brondell Swash 1400 has adjustable spray widths

The options range from a thin, targeted stream of water to a broader, full-coverage spray.

The narrow stream is great for blasting off stubborn pieces of dirt. (Yes, by dirt, I mean poop).

The widest setting will clean your whole backside (or front) in one go. The softer nature of the fuller spray is great if you’re feeling sensitive and want a gentle but thorough clean.

On-demand wand sterilization 

Both the wands will self-clean when you use them, but with the Brondell Swash 1400, you can clean the wand anytime.

Press the wand sterilization button on the remote, and the bidet will clean the wand with nano-silver infused water

Nano-silver is a proven anti-bacterial and one of the best disinfectants you can get. Using this as a cleaning agent renders the spray wands 100% maintenance-free.

Sittable lid

Bidet lids tend to be pretty flimsy by design, so they can’t bear much weight.

You definitely can’t sit on them like a regular toilet seat.

The Brondell Swash lid is the opposite. It’s able to bear up to 270 lbs of weight. 

A sittable lid might not seem necessary, but it’s one of those things that becomes super handy without you even realizing.

You can sit on it while you’re brushing your teeth, waiting for your shower to heat up, moisturizing, or cutting your toenails. The list is endless!

Being able to sit on the toilet seat lid is especially useful in a small bathroom with limited floor space.

One-touch mode

On top of the two user-presets, the Brondell Swash 1400 also has a one-touch auto mode. Press one button, and you can experience a full wash and dry cycle (front or rear).

This is great for guests who feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options, or if you have more than two people in your household (the extra people miss out on being able to use the presets).

Night light 

Do you often visit the toilet at night?

It can be really annoying turning the big light on. But you risk making a mess if you don’t. 

The nightlight on the Brondell Swash solves this issue.

Brondell Swash 1400 nightlight
The Brondell Swash 1400’s nightlight is a soft blue color

At night, the toilet is illuminated by a soft blue light, which means you can see what you’re doing without the main light.

Once you’ve finished, you can go back to bed and fall straight back asleep because you’ll have barely woken up.

Toto C200 exclusives

These are the features found on the Toto C200, but NOT on the Brondell Swash 1400.


If you’ve been looking into Toto washlets, you’ve probably come across the word premist.

gif of premist.

What exactly is premist?

Premisting your toilet bowl is the same as oiling your pan before you cook.

The oil prevents anything from getting stuck to the pan and makes it super easy to clean afterwards. 

The Toto C200 mists your toilet bowl with water as you sit down, so nothing gets stuck when you use it. And the flush will easily clean away any debris. 

What does this mean for you? No more skidmarks!

This is a Toto exclusive feature. You won’t find it on any other brand. 

Pulsating spray mode

Pulsating spray mode is often known as the massaging spray. 

The water comes out in little spurts that hit your rear and get rid of hard-to-get bits of dirt. It also feels pretty good!

This feature isn’t ground-breaking, but it’s nice to have.

Final thoughts

Both bidets are top-notch options. They come with state-of-the-art hygiene features and you can tell they’re built to last.

They have similar basic functions, such as dryer strength and water pressure. But differ in some of the less fundamental areas.

If I had to pick, I would go for the Brondell Swash 1400. The Brondell wins for me because of the slimmer profile, the unlimited hot water, and the longer warranty.

The tankless water heating method gives it a much more modern look and feel.

That said, the premist function on the Toto C200 did really impress me and it definitely packs a lot in for the price.

Who should buy the Brondell Swash 1400?

The Brondell Swash 1400 is the best choice if you want the most up-to-date design, both in terms of the technologies used and the aesthetics.

It offers more features than the Toto C200, which by far justifies the higher price.

Who should buy the Toto C200?

The Toto C200 is the budget option here, so best for anyone looking for a bargain.

It offers great value for money – you get advanced technologies such as an air deodorizer, premist, and user presets, for a very affordable price.

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