Toto C5 VS C200: What’s New & Different?

As if there wasn’t already enough choice on the market, Toto have released a new bidet – the C5. 

I’m here to help clear up any confusion and let you know if you really need ewater+. (Hint: I think you do).

In this review of the Toto C200 VS Toto C5 I’ll cover:

  • The features these two bidets share
  • The dimensional differences between the bidets
  • What exactly is ewater+

Let’s jump right in.

What’s the difference between the Toto C200 and Toto C5?

The Toto C5 is the new and upgraded version of the Toto C200. Both use tank heating and have a wireless remote, an air deodorizer, and premist. The C5 also comes with Toto’s unique Ewater+ feature and has a slimmer profile, which gives the washlet a more streamlined look.

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In a rush? Click here to view the Toto C200 and here to view the Toto C5 (both open in new tabs).

What’s the same?

The Toto C5 is the newer version of the Toto C200. Both are built to cater to the same budget, and this means they have a lot of similarities. 

They both have:

  • The ‘core luxuries’. I.e. a heated soft-close seat and adjustable front and rear cleanse modes.
  • Oscillating and pulsating spray modes.

In oscillating mode, the spray wand moves backwards and forwards, this gives a fuller coverage cleanse. In pulsating mode, the water comes out in short bursts giving a massaging effect.

  • A wireless remote control with user presets.
Toto C200 vs Toto C5 remote controls
Toto C5 remote (left), Toto C200 remote (right)

The user presets allow you to save your preferred pressure, temperature, and wand position settings. You can adjust all three by pressing just one button. 

  • On-demand wand cleaning. There’s a ‘wand cleaning’ button on the remote so you can rinse the spray wand whenever you feel like it, not just when you’re using the bidet.
  • An air dryer. The air dryer dries your behind after you’ve rinsed it. It significantly reduces the amount of toilet paper you need to use.
  • An air deodorizer. The air deodorizer automatically filters air from in and around the toilet. The filter removes any foul-smelling odors and makes sure your bathroom ALWAYS smells fresh (even on bad days). 
  • Tank heating system. 
Tank heating bidet
A tank heating system works by keeping a reservoir of water in the bidet

Both bidets hold their water in a reservoir so you always have INSTANT access to hot water. The hot water is limited, but it will be a good few minutes before you start to notice it getting colder. The average wash cycle is 20-30 seconds, so it’s unlikely you’ll run out of hot water.

  • The premist function (I explain this in more detail below).
  • One year full warranty.


Premist is a function that’s unique to Toto washlets and one that deserves more of an explanation. (It’s really cool).

What is premist?

gif of premist.

As you sit down on the toilet, the Toto C200 and Toto C5 will AUTOMATICALLY mist the bowl with water. This is premist.

You can think of premist as the equivalent to oiling your frying pan before cooking. 

Oiling the pan stops anything from sticking to it, meaning the pan is really easy to clean once you’re done.

A light misting of water on the toilet bowl does the same thing. It stops dirt from adhering to the toilet, so when you flush the toilet any debris is quickly and easily washed away. 

In practical terms – no more skid marks. If that doesn’t convince you that you need a Toto washlet, I don’t know what will!

What’s different?

Now for the exciting part, the differences between the Toto C200 and the Toto C5.

What upgrades does the C5 offer?

Let’s find out.

eWater+ technology

eWater+ was once reserved for the super high-end Toto models, but now they’re integrating the technology into the more budget-friendly models.

What is eWater?

eWater stands for ‘electrolyzed water’. In short, it washes away more bacteria than normal water, leaving your toilet cleaner for longer.

diagram of Ewater+
The Toto C5 bidet turns normal water from your pipes into eWater

As the water moves from the tank to the spray wand, it’s transformed from normal water to charged (electrolyzed) water. Charged water is a proven disinfectant that will rid your bidet of dirt and bacteria. 

The bidet uses the special water to rinse the spray wand before and after you use it, plus during on-demand cleaning, drastically reducing the need for you to manually clean it.

Because there’s less need for manual cleaning, you also reduce the amount of harsh toilet-cleaning chemicals you use. eWater+ is naturally biodegradable and leaves no nasty chemical residues. 

It saves you time, money and reduces your environmental impact.

It’s even safe enough to drink. (Not that I’m recommending you drink out of the toilet). 

Here’s a video demonstration of eWater+ working its magic.

Dimensions and size

Toto C200 vs Toto C5 dimensions
Toto C5 dimensions (left), Toto C200 dimensions (right)

The Toto C5 has a more streamlined, modern look compared to the C200. It looks less clinical, and more like a regular toilet seat.

The biggest difference is the height of the seat. The Toto C5 is almost 2 inches shorter than the C200 at the rear. That’s a pretty drastic decrease! 

As well as the aesthetic advantage to this, there’s also a practical benefit. 

When you sit on the C200, there’s a noticeable slope that forces you to sit further forward than you might like. This makes the bidet less comfortable and means it’s harder to position yourself correctly above the spray wand.

Because the C5 has significantly less backend height, the slope is less apparent and the problems associated with it disappear.

You can sit normally, and you don’t have to worry about scooting up the slope so the water hits the right spot.

Important note: The C200 comes in both round and elongated sizes, while the C5 only comes in elongated. If you have a round toilet, the C5 won’t fit.

Dryer power

You can measure the power of a dryer by its airflow. Surprisingly, the older C200 model prevails here and has a slightly superior airflow.

  • The C200 has an airflow of 9.53ft3 /min (0.27m3/min)
  • The C5 has an airflow of 8.83 ft3/min (0.25m3/min)

The extra strength of the C200’s dryer will reduce complete drying time by about 10 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds vs 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Not life-changing, but if speed is important to you it gives you something to think about.

In reality, most people don’t use a bidet dryer to completely dry themselves.

They use it as a way to reduce their overall toilet paper consumption. A quick blast with the dryer means you only need one sheet of toilet paper instead of three. If you use the dryer in this way (rather than to fully dry yourself), there’s no tangible difference between the two units.

Energy-saving mode

Both the bidets have an energy saving mode, but they work slightly differently.

  • The C200 uses auto energy saver mode
  • The C5 uses time energy saver mode AND auto energy saver mode

Auto energy saver mode

Auto mode detects periods of low and no usage and lowers the heater settings of the bidet accordingly.

During periods of infrequent use, the bidet lowers the seat temperature. During periods of no usage, the bidet turns the seat heater AND the water heater off.

Auto energy savers mode timeline
Example timeline of auto energy saver mode

For example, if you rarely use the toilet between the hours of 7am-6m, the bidet will lower the seat temperature during these times.

Time energy saver mode

This mode allows you to pick when to turn energy saver mode on. You can pick periods of 6 or 9 hours.

When the mode is turned on, the bidet turns the water heater and the seat heater off.

Time energy saver mode timeline
Example timeline of time energy saver mode

For example, if you’re out at work from 8am-5pm you can tell the bidet to turn off during these hours.

Time energy saver mode is great for those with irregular schedules which would render auto mode useless.

With the C5 you can combine both modes.

Auto and time energy saver used together
Example timeline of auto and time energy saver modes working together

You can tell the bidet to turn off during 8am-5pm, and then let it recognize that between the hours of 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm the bidet is rarely used.

Of course, with both modes if you sit in the bidet it will temporarily warm up.

Final Thoughts

I’m a sucker for the newest model, but aren’t most people?

It often makes sense to get the most recent release because you get the most recent features.

In the case of the C5, this means getting a better-looking bidet with special hygiene features.

Of course, these are things you can live without and the C200 would do most people just fine. But I feel like it would start to feel old very quickly as the newer features on the C5 become the norm.

Who should buy the Toto C5?

If you want a modern bidet with the latest in hygiene and convenience features, the C5 is your best bet.

It’s newer, offers extra features, and will modernize your bathroom.

Who should buy the Toto C200?

The Toto C200 is the most logical choice if you’re on a tight budget. The extra features on the C5 are nice to have, but not strictly essential.

PS: If you have a round toilet, the C200 is your only option (the C5 only comes in elongated).