Alpha Bidet | The Best Review of the JX, GX, and iX 2023

Bidets are the self-care accessory that every bathroom deserves. Whether you are a long-standing (or sitting!) user or a newcomer, knowing the ins and outs of your bidet will help you get the best value for your purchase. 

When it comes to choosing one, you’ll need to pick a brand that carries the specifications that suit you best. Let’s look at Alpha Bidet and three of its top-performing models. 

Why Alpha Bidets Are Consistent Top Sellers

Alpha Bidet prides itself on producing sleek modern bidets with a wealth of adjustable features at a range of accessible price points. Adjustable features such as water pressure, seat shape, and temperature range ensure that you can perfectly customize the user experience.

While each model has features that vary, all three of the Alpha Bidet models we are reviewing come with these capabilities:

  • Rear Wash
  • Front Feminine Wash
  • Heated Seat 
  • Soft Close Lid
  • Self Cleaning Nozzle
  • Adjustable Spray Pressure
  • Nozzle Oscillation 

Below I recount my experience, pros, and cons with three of the top-performing Alpha Bidet models: Alpha Bidet JX Bidet, Alpha Bidet | GX Wave Bidet, and Alpha Bidet | iX Hybrid Bidet

Alpha Bidet | JX Bidet 

alpha bidet

Size: Elongated or Round  | Color: White or Beige | Weight 9 lbs

View On Amazon $369.00

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Alpha Bidet’s bestseller and most awarded model is the JX. The features that set it apart from Alpha’s other models include the following;

  • Cleansing spray flow:  0.185gal/min (0.7L/min)
  • A tankless design
  • Endless warm water
  • One-button wash and dry mode
  • Wireless remote control
  • It is the only model that can potentially fit french curve toilets
  • Higher weight capacity on sturdy sittable lid at 320 lbs. 
  • Three-year warranty


First of all, this model comes with all the bells and whistles of a luxury bidet but in a modest price range. A pro tip regarding the price; if you opt for Bidet King’s open box special, where they may have some minor scuffs, you can see up to a $100 discount. The units are tested and 100% fully operational. 

The pressure on the JX model is solid at a max of 0.185 gal/min (0.7L/min) – twice the output of a TOTO bidet. The JX has proven to be the best in the market in this category, with CNN’s Underscore ranking it Best Bidet Seat over TOTO and Tushy brands. 

I  also loved this model’s adjustable and consistent water temperature with settings from 93ºF – 104ºF. It has an instant and constant flow of warm water as opposed to tankless models that only run out of steam in under a minute. 

The design of this model also blended into my bathroom decor – it has a sleek bulk-less look that doesn’t protrude too much. The downward slope makes a comfortable and chic fit with the toilet unit. 


The air dryer on this model is average and takes a few minutes to do the job thoroughly. It required a lot of shifting around to get all the area dried. 

In addition, like all of Alpha’s models, it does have a nozzle oscillation mode. However, it lacks a pulse setting to help with a thorough cleaning. 

The Bottom Line: Alpha’s Best Overall Model

Alpha Bidet | GX Wave Bidet 

alpha bidet

Size: Elongated or Round  | Color: White | Weight 9.9 lbs

View On Amazon $174.06

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The most economical of Alpha’s three top models is the GX Wave Bidet. It is one of the best entry-level bidets we’ve tried on the market, with an excellent range of features balanced with a sturdy ergonomic design. (Note: The GXR model costs slightly more; the only difference is that it includes a remote.) 

The GX’s outstanding features, other than the core included in all of Alpha’s models, include the following:

  • Cleansing spray flow: 0.26 gal/min (1L/min)
  • Attached Side Controls
  • Child Mode
  • Pulse Mode
  • Supports up to 200lbs on a sittable lid
  • One year warranty


First, we love the usable design with a sittable lid and slim, low-profile fit to the toilet unit. It provides great functionality with a nightlight and a slow-close seat as well. 

The spray pressure was consistent (although not as strong as the iX model) with a good overall flow of 0.26 gal/min (1L/min) which is higher than the JX. We were also surprisingly pleased with the warm air dryer, not usually found in economy models. 

In addition, the cleansing mode offers an aerated stream, making for a comfortable and softer experience that, as a bonus, saves water making it more energy efficient. 

Lastly, it does have a child mode, which makes it family-friendly. It does take a learning curve to learn in this setting, but it makes it convenient for young children. 


As mentioned above, there is a child setting. However, rather than being able to make full cleaning adjustments (a la the iX model), it only allows the bidet to be operated by a child by overriding the sensor for lighter users. The iX model does better in this department. 

Additionally, there is no remote control for the base unit (unlike the GXR variation), and the side controls are mounted, so it can be difficult to see what you are pushing. 

The Bottom Line: The Best Economy Model

Alpha Bidet | iX Hybrid Bidet 

alpha bidet

Size: Elongated or Round  | Color: White | Weight 10.5 lbs

View On Amazon $228.20

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The iX Hybrid bidet is Alpha’s only model that has a hybrid water heater. In addition, other outstanding features beyond the core ones mentioned for all Alpha models include: 

  • Cleansing spray flow: 0.21gal/min (0.8L/min) 
  • Child Mode
  • Pulse Mode
  • Enema Function
  • Supports up to 200lbs on sittable lid
  • One year warranty


This model is a solid mid-level bidet with all the bells and whistles you need and none of the ones you don’t. It also comes with the convenience of a remote and nightlight like the other models (the light in this one is blue rather than white, which gives it a more mellow ambiance). 

One of the biggest pros to the Hybrid model is that its water tank is the most energy-efficient of all three. Although Alpha models come with an “eco-mode,” the settings often revert with each user, and it can take up to five minutes to change the heat of the water. The hybrid model uses a ceramic core heater to create continuous warm water in a heated reservoir. 

In addition, the child mode on this model is improved from the GX. The child mode consists of a gentle rear wash with a drying cycle. 

Possibly the place that this model scored the most points with us was the continuous stream of warm water with solid pressure at 0.21gal/min (0.8L/min) – although it didn’t have a feminine wash mode, it can effectively do the job at it’s gentlest setting. It also has an enema mode that can create a concentrated stream for rear hygiene. 


The iX model lacks a few settings, although you wouldn’t miss them unless you had previously experienced the convenience of features like an antimicrobial self-cleaning wand, one-button wash and dry, and auto-closing lid. 

It also misses the other Alpha models’ instantaneous/endless warm water. While it runs warm for several minutes, it seems to lose steam after that. 

Lastly, this model has a bulkier lid, and we preferred the GX in this department aesthetically. It’s a slight difference but essential if you are considering the overall look. 

The Bottom Line: The Best Value 

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