Can You Use A Bidet On Your Period?

Bidets are an alternative to toilet paper popular across Asia and many parts of the world. They’ve yet to become mainstream in the USA, but more and more people are becoming aware of their benefits.

But can you use a bidet on your period?

Yes, you can use a bidet on your period. Using a bidet on your period is arguably better for you than toilet paper. Water is gentler on your skin and cleans more effectively. You can also use the bidet to clean your menstrual cup if you use one.

Using a bidet on your period

Bidets are the perfect bathroom companion when you’re on your period. It’s comparable to having a mini shower every time you use the toilet. Rather than using several sheets of toilet paper to wipe all the blood away, a bidet can wash it away with the push of a button.

And the water will do a much better job of getting all the blood, so none is left behind. This means you no longer have to worry about funny odors or stains. 

Another benefit to using a bidet on your period is that you can use the water stream to clean your menstrual cup (if you use one). The water that sprays out of your bidet is exactly the same water that comes out of your tap, so using it to clean your menstrual cup is the same as rinsing it in the sink.

In fact, some of the fancier bidets sterilize the water meaning it’s even cleaner than the water that comes out of your taps. The Kohler Novita Bn330 is an example. They use silver nanotechnology to sterilize the water stream.

If your bidet doesn’t have this setup, you can buy a separate water filtration device (link to Amazon) to install in your water line. But this isn’t a necessity.

Will the dirty bidet water splash everywhere?

Some people worry that the bidet will splash the blood around your bathroom, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bidets are properly aimed and only target the specific area you need to clean. Gravity ensures that once the water has hit you, the next thing it does is fall straight down into the toilet bowl.

What’s the best bidet for using on your period?

All bidets will be useful to you on your period because they’re all designed to clean you after you’ve been to the toilet. That said, some features make certain bidets better suited to menstrual blood clean up.

There are three different types of bidet to consider.

Bidet seat or attachment 

The first type is a bidet attachment or a seat.

bidet seat
Bidet seats use spray wands inside the toilet bowl

Both of these have spray wands situated in the toilet. The best ones for period use will have a specific feminine spray wand aimed at your frontal region and a wide-angled spray.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bidet for use on your period, make sure to check out my in-depth guide to the best bidets for women.

Warm water is also a plus if you live in a colder area. Warm water is much more comfortable to use than freezing cold water. However, if you live in a milder climate, you might get away with just cold water.

Seats are the more expensive option and come with a whole host of extra features to enhance your toilet experience, such as heated seats and dryers.

Attachments are cheaper than seats but don’t have any fancy extras. Most attachments are cold water, although there are a few hot water options.

If you’re after something simple to help you clean up after your period, go for an attachment. If you want the bells and whistles go for the seat.

The handheld bidet

The second type is what’s known as a handheld bidet (also known as a bum gun or bidet sprayer), a popular example is the purrfect zone bidet sprayer (link to Amazon).

I have other examples in my guide to the best hand held bidet sprayers.

Bidet Sprayer
Bum guns are installed outside the toilet

A handheld bidet is a small hose that’s installed next to the toilet. 

The benefits of using a handheld bidet on your period are:

  • You can aim the spray exactly where you want, so there’s no shuffling around on the seat
  • They tend to have higher water pressures than bidet seats

I would recommend the bidet sprayer if you want the bidet to double as a menstrual cup cleaner. It’s much easier having the bidet installed next to the toilet rather than in the toilet bowl. No one wants to reach into the toilet bowl to clean their menstrual cup.

Portable Bidets

Portable bidets aren’t that useful at home, but if you ever have to go away whilst on your period, a portable bidet can be a lifesaver. The Brondell GoSpa is my personal favorite.

They’re essentially squeezy bottles with long spouts. You fill them with water from the tap and then use them to clean yourself. If you have a bidet at home, not having one when you’re away or out at work can leave you feeling dirty.

With a travel bidet, you’ll always be able to get that squeaky clean feeling. You can fill the bottle with cold or warm water, and they mostly come with discrete carry bags.