How To Add Bokashi To Compost: Bins, Tumblers, And Worm Bins

Recently filled up your bokashi bin and figuring out what to do with your bokashi pre-compost? If you’re considering adding bokashi pre-compost to your current composting setup, this article is for you. I cover: Adding bokashi to compost piles and open-bottom bins Adding bokashi to compost tumblers and specific watch-outs for enclosed bins Adding bokashi … Read more

Unfinished Compost: Everything You Need To Know

Patience is crucial when dealing with compost. But sometimes life happens and you could really just do with using up your half finished pile of compost. In this article, I cover: If and when you can use your unfinished compost Uses for unfinished compost Indications and tests you can perform to check if your compost … Read more