Toto C2 VS C100: What’s New & Different?

As if there wasn’t already enough choice on the market, Toto have released a new bidet – the C2. 

I’m here to help clear up any confusion and let you know if you really need the C2’s new eWater+ feature. (Hint: I think you do).

In this review of the Toto C100 VS Toto C2 I’ll cover:

  • The features these two bidets share
  • The dimensional differences between the bidets (this is a big deal)
  • What exactly is eWater+ (and why you need it)

Let’s jump right in.

What’s the difference between the Toto C100 and Toto C2?

The Toto C2 is the new and upgraded version of the Toto C100. Both use tank heating and have attached controls, an air deodorizer, and premist. The C2 also comes with Toto’s unique eWater+ feature and has a slimmer profile, which gives the washlet a more streamlined look.

In a rush? Click here to view the Toto C100 and here to view the Toto C2 (both open in new tabs).

What’s different?

The Toto C2 is the new version of the Toto C100. It’s an upgraded, modernized bidet.

This translates to the C2 having more features and a sleeker look.


This is one of the major new features included in the C2.

What is eWater+?

eWater+ stands for electrolyzed water. The C2 turns your normal water into electrolyzed water as it passes through the bidet. 

The C2 uses electrolyzed water to clean the spray wand

The electrolyzed water is a scientifically proven disinfectant. It’s used to clean the spray wand during use, as well as whenever you use the ‘on-demand’ wand cleaning.

The special water will keep your wand sparkling clean and drastically reduce how often you need to clean it. This saves you time, and cuts down on the amount of harsh chemical cleaners you need to use.

eWater is completely harmless to the environment. It’s even safe to drink.

Not that I’m suggesting you do!

The below video shows eWater+ in action. You can see exactly how effective it is.


The C2 has also undergone a stylistic make-over. 

If I were playing snog, marry, avoid with the C2 and the C100, I’d avoid the C100, and marry the C2.

It’s more hygienic and it’s better looking.

Toto C100 vs Toto C2 dimensions
Toto C2 dimensions (left), Toto C100 dimensions (right)

The C2 is MUCH sleeker and has a slimline profile.

The C100 is almost two inches taller than the C2 at the rear.

Height is great on humans, but not so much on bidets.

The C100’s height means it has a significant slope at the back of the bidet. The slope forces you to sit further forward on the seat than you might like. 

Sitting on a slope isn’t all that comfortable, and for males, being pushed forward can mean you’re not left with much room at the front.

The C2 doesn’t have this same slope. It’s more comfortable to sit on and you don’t have to worry about being pushed forward.

Important note: the C2 only comes in an elongated size, while the C100 offers both round and elongated sizes.

Pulsating spray mode

Another new feature on the C2 is the pulsating spray mode.

Pulsating mode in action

When you turn pulsating mode on, the water comes out in short bursts rather than one continuous stream. 

This gives a massaging effect that’s great after a hard shift on the toilet.

Most bidets these days come with pulsating mode as standard. I would have been surprised if the C2 didn’t include this feature.

Dryer strength

There’s a small difference in the dryer strength between the C2 and C100.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s the C100 that comes out on top here.

  • The C100 has an airflow of 9.53ft3 /min (0.27m3/min)
  • The C2 has an airflow of 8.83 ft3/min (0.25m3/min)

Airflow gives an indication of how strong the dryer will feel. But bear in mind that no bidet dryer is going to blow you away. They’re designed to give you a helping hand drying yourself rather than to dry you completely. 

The difference between these two dryers is minimal, and to be honest, not something that you’ll really notice.

Energy saving functions

Both the C2 and the C100 have energy saving functions. But they differ in how they work.

  • The C100 offers an auto energy saver mode.
  • The C2 offers auto energy saver mode AND time energy saver mode (or you can use a combination of the two).

Auto energy saver mode

The seat will automatically detect periods of low and no usage.

The bidet will turn the seat temperature down during periods of low usage.

During periods of no usage, the bidet will turn the seat AND water heater off.

Auto energy savers mode timeline
Timeline of auto energy saver mode

For example, if no one uses the toilet much from 7am-6pm, the bidet will recognize this and turn seat temperature to low during these hours.

Time energy saver mode

You can pick periods of either 6 or 9 hours where the bidet will turn its heaters off.

Time energy saver mode timeline
Timeline of time energy saver mode

For example, if you work 8am-5pm you can set the bidet to turn off during these hours.

You can also use the two different modes at the same time with the C2.

Auto and time energy saver used together
Timeline of auto energy saver mode and time energy save mode being used together

For example, you can set the bidet to turn off during the hours of 8am-5pm, and then let it automatically detect that you don’t use it much between 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm.

It will then lower the seat temperature during these hours.

Time energy saver is very useful if you have an irregular routine which means the auto function won’t be effective.

Of course, if you sit on the seat while it’s in any energy saver mode, it will temporarily warm back up.

What’s the same?

Since the C2 is an upgrade of the C100, they share a lot of the same features. 

They have the same basics:

  • An aerated water stream. Bubble-infused water gives a gentle, but very effective clean.
  • Warm water (with adjustable temperature and pressure)
  • A heated seat (with adjustable temperature)
  • An air dryer (with adjustable temperature)
  • On-demand wand cleaning. There’s a ‘wand clean’ button on the controls so you can rinse the wand anytime.
  • One year FULL warranty

Side panel controls

Toto C100 vs Toto C2 remote
C100 control panel (top) and C2 control panel (bottom)

Bidets either have an attached control panel or a wireless remote control. The remote control is considered more premium, but the side panel does have its uses.

Both the C2 and the C100 come with an attached side panel.

Attached controls can NEVER go missing or get dropped on the floor. Dropping the remote halfway across the bathroom is irritating at the best of times. But for someone with reduced mobility, the idea of getting up to fetch the remote will fill them with dread. 

While you might have to turn to look at the controls the first few times, you won’t have to do this forever.

Over time, you’ll learn where the buttons are on the side panel and pretty soon you’ll be working it without looking. 

Air deodorizer

Have you ever stayed in the bathroom for longer than you needed to just to make sure the smell was gone?

You need a bidet with an air deodorizer.

Luckily, both the C100 and the C2 have one.

As you sit down on the bidet, it will AUTOMATICALLY start filtering the air from in and around the toilet bowl. The air will pass through a charcoal filter that will remove any nasty odors. 

With an air deodorizer, you no longer need to worry about lingering smells. Your bathroom will ALWAYS smell clean fresh. Even on a bad day.


I’ve saved the best till last here (well, second last). 

gif of premist.

Premist is a feature unique to TOTO and probably one of the coolest features around.

When you sit down on the bidet, it automatically mists the bowl with a light spray of water. 

You can think of this water in the same way you think about oil in a pan. The oil stops things from sticking to the pan and makes it really easy to clean. 

The water stops dirt from sticking to your toilet bowl and means the flush can easily wash away any traces of dirt.

Premisting the bowl makes the flush 80% more effective at cleaning. Amazing!

What does this really mean? NO MORE SKID MARKS!

Tank water heating

Tank heating bidet

Both the C100 and C2 keep a reservoir of hot water which provides you with INSTANT hot water. The hot water is limited, but most people will never have a problem with running out.

The average wash cycle lasts 20-30 seconds and the bidets hold a few minutes worth of hot water (at standard pressure).

Final thoughts 

The C2 has been made to replace the C100. It’s an upgraded version.

For me, the new, slimmer design alone makes it worth going for the C2 over the C100. The C100 looks so big and clunky in comparison. It’s just a bit outdated. 

The extra features such as eWater+ and pulsating mode are added bonuses and make the C2 the best bidet in its category.

Who should buy the C100?

If you’re on a strict budget then opt for the C100.

Or if it’s really cheap compared to the C2. Prices are constantly changing and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a sale on to clear the old stock soon.

Or if you have a round toilet. Unfortunately, the C2 doesn’t offer a round version.

Who should buy the C2?

If you want the best bidet with a control panel that money can buy, go for the C2.

It’s new, modern, and has a load of extra luxurious features that will save you money and leave you feeling cleaner.