Toto C2 VS C5: Is It Really Worth Spending More?

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Buying a new bidet can seem like an absolute minefield.

Who knew there could be so many features?!

But fear not, I’ve reviewed and tested more bidets than I care to remember. In this review of the Toto C2 VS C5, I cover:

  • The main differences between the C2 and C5
  • How to decide if you need a remote VS an attached side panel
  • A closer look at the Toto C5’s user presets (and why you need them)

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

What’s the difference between the Toto C2 and C5?

The main difference between the Toto C2 and C5 is the control mechanism. The Toto C2 uses an attached control panel, whereas the Toto C5 uses a wireless remote. The Toto C5 also comes with the ability to save user presets, and has a more refined and stylish appearance.

Toto C2Toto C5
Side PanelRemote Control
No User PresetsUser Presets
Replaces C100Replaces C200

What’s different?

The main difference between the Toto C2 and C5 is the way you control the washlet.

The Toto C2 uses an attached control panel mounted on the right-hand side of the seat (when seated).

And the Toto C5 uses a wireless remote control.

Which one’s better? I always prefer a remote – no questions asked. But for some, it can be a personal choice.

In the next section I go through the pros and cons of having an attached control panel VS a wireless remote.

Remote vs side panel

Toto C5 vs Toto C2 controls
Toto C5 wireless remote (left), Toto C2 attached side panel (right)

The remote control is easier to use. You can hold it right in front of your face and don’t have to turn around to look at it.

To get a good look at the side panel, you need to turn your head and look down. 

This isn’t the end of the world, but if you’re getting the bidet to minimize movement, this kind of defeats the point. 

You will eventually learn the positions of the buttons on the side panel. But if you opt to use muscle memory, there’s always a chance you’ll press the wrong button.

Cold water when you’re trying to turn on the dryer? No thanks!

Cost of side panel VS remote

As with most bidet brands, the side panel control is the budget option. If the price is a big concern for you, a side panel will virtually always be cheaper.

Another cost to factor in (albeit small) is batteries.

The C5’s wireless remote relies on batteries that you’ll have to replace every so often. The C2’s side panel is powered by the same electricity as the seat, so you won’t incur any extra costs. 

Check latest price – Toto C2 (side panel)

Check latest price – Toto C5 (wireless remote)

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Other things to consider

The side panel will always be there – it’s not going anywhere. Whereas the remote could decide to go walkabouts. 

The remote comes with a docking station so there’s somewhere to store it, but this doesn’t mean everyone always will (I’m looking at you, Emma).

There’s also the risk of dropping the remote. While not likely, the idea of having to get up from the loo and fetch the remote from halfway across the bathroom is not appealing. 

You can secure the remote control so it’ll be permanently attached to the wall. This does depend on you having a suitable place to mount it, though.

A note on backlights

Neither of the control options are backlit, so you won’t be able to see them in the dark. However, the buttons do light up momentarily when pressed.

Personal settings

Another advantage of the Toto C5 remote is that it comes with the ability to remember up to two user settings.

Have you ever shared a car with your partner? And found yourself having to adjust the wing mirrors EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Annoying, right?

Imagine if there was a button in the car that could remember two wing mirror positions and automatically adjust them for you when you pressed it (yes, I do need to upgrade).

That’s what the personal setting lock on the C5 does.

You (and a partner) can pick your favorite water pressure, water temperature, and wand position and the Toto C5 will remember them.

When you press your chosen user preset button, the bidet will automatically set itself to your chosen settings.

You only need to press one button instead of messing around with three different settings.

Dimensions and style

Toto C2 (left), Toto C5 (right)

The dimensions of the C2 and the C5 are fairly similar. The new seats both have a more modern, slimline feel when compared to their predecessors the C100 and the C200.

But the side panel attached to the C2 adds a couple of extra inches to the width.

The side panel also makes it much more obvious you have a bidet. Not everyone will care, but if you’re going for a clean, stylish look in your bathroom it might ruin the aesthetic. 

The C5 looks much more like a normal toilet seat.

Note: both the C2 and the C5 only come in an elongated size. If you have a round toilet, consider the older Toto C100 or C200 models. Related: the best bidets for round toilets.

What’s the same?

All of the basic features on these bidets are the same. And they come with some of Toto’s signature technologies.

Core luxuries

There are basic things you’d expect to see on any high-end bidet. They come as standard.

  • Gentle aerated warm water Bubble infused water feels gentler on the skin but still provides an effective cleanse
  • Front and rear wash modes (including a soft rear mode)
  • Oscillating and pulsating spray modes
  • In oscillating spray mode, the wand moves backwards and forwards to give a fuller coverage spray. In pulsating spray mode, the water comes out in short sharp bursts rather than one continuous stream. This creates a massaging effect.
  • Warm air dryer. Both dryers have an airflow of 8.83 ft3/min and come with three different temperature settings. They’ll take 2-3 minutes to fully dry you (standard for bidet dryers).
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure, and wand position. There are five different pressure options, five different wand position options, and three different temperature options.
  • Heated seat with three different temperature options.
  • Docking station for quick and easy cleaning (one button release).

Air deodorizer

‘The bathroom STINKS


Ever hear these shouts coming from the bathroom after you forgot to spray the air freshener?


With the automatic air deodorizer, lingering bathroom smells will be a thing of the past. 

As soon as you sit down, the bidet will start filtering the air from around your toilet through a carbon deodorizer. 

Any bad odors will be removed and the air will be released smelling of, well, nothing. 

You’ll never have to worry about lingering foul smells, even on really bad days.


Premist is one of the coolest features you can find on a bidet. 

gif of premist.

I think it’s genius.

Before you fry anything, what’s the first thing you do? Oil the pan, right?

The oil stops anything from sticking and makes the clean-up much easier. Who wants to spend half an hour scrubbing a pan?

Premist works in the same way.

Before you use the bidet, it mists the toilet bowl with water. This water stops any dirt from sticking to the bowl and means when you flush the toilet, everything is easily washed away.

You’ll never have to scrub away any skid marks on the toilet again. Imagine that!

Premisting the toilet bowl leaves it 80% cleaner after flushing compared to a dry bowl.


Ewater+ is a new feature on both the Toto C2 and the Toto C5. It was previously reserved for just the top-of-the-range Totos, but is now becoming standard across the (new) range.

What is eWater+?

eWater stands for electrolyzed water. The bidet turns your normal water into electrolyzed water as it travels through it.

Electrolyzed water is a proven disinfectant.

The C2 and the C5 use it to clean the spray wand. This means the wand is cleaned with an effective disinfectant every time you use it, as well as when you use the on-demand wand cleaning function. 

Other bidets use regular water.

Bottom line: you don’t have to clean the spray wand as often.

The main benefit of this is less effort from you, but it also means you have less of a need for harsh chemical cleaners (which are bad for the environment). 

eWater+ turns back into normal water after a while. It’s even safe enough to drink! Not that I recommend drinking from your toilet…

Final thoughts

The question you have to ask yourself here is:

‘Do I want a remote or a side panel?’

Personally, I would go for the remote control because I think it’s easier to use and I don’t like the look of the side panel.

But it’s up to you what works best for your personal circumstances.

Who should buy the Toto C2?

If you want side panel controls or are sticking to a tight budget, go for the C2.

It’s an extremely high-quality bidet that will impress all but the nerdiest of bidet enthusiasts. (Sorry, not sorry).

Who should buy the Toto C5?

The Toto C5 is the perfect balance between luxury and affordability.

Sure, you can spend significantly more on a higher-end model, but the C5 won’t leave you wanting.

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