Bio Bidet Elite 3 Review 2023 (Plus Comparisons)

Most people dreamt of having a bidet that works well and can get its features done comfortably. Hooray! Dreams come true as these kinds of bidets exist, and Bio Bidet Elite 3 is proof of that.

This review contains and discusses all you need to know about the product Bio Bidet Elite 3. We’ll look at its features and benefits, pros and cons, and how this product could compete against other bidets on the market.

The advancement of technology leads us to a generation where toilets are getting smarter too. Toilets are leveling up their features and becoming more adaptable to add-ons such as bidets.

You will be directed to where to purchase Bio Bidet Elite 3 when you click this. You can also buy it on Amazon (but it is currently unavailable) and in Walmart.

Bio Bidet Elite 3 costs cheaper when you buy it in Walmart, but purchasing it on BioBidet’s website will cost you $59.00.

If you want to learn more about Bio Bidet Elite 3 and what you could expect, please keep reading.

Key Features

Material: Brass
Product Weight: 2.89 pounds
Product Dimension: 19(L) x 9(W) x 4(H) inches

Self-cleaning nozzle

Of course, Hygiene matters most. A self-cleaning nozzle feature can give you that. With this, you can keep yourself clean and the bidet itself every time you’re done using it. It self-cleans so that it can provide hygiene for the next user and maintain cleanliness at all times.

Universal Design

Bio Bidet Elite 3 doesn’t require any professionals to do the installation. It didn’t provide any difficulty as you can “do-it-yourself” to install. It has a universal design to give its users convenience so that they can easily fit and adjust it with their toilets.

It will only take a couple of minutes to install without any trouble. Just follow and read the instructions carefully in the provided manual. After installation, it’s all set and can be put to good use as soon as later in the day.

Pressure Control

When it comes to bidets, a good amount of water pressure matters to provide comfort as you clean yourself. With this, Bio Bidet Elite 3 has a feature where you can change the water pressure that matches your comfort level. You can get a bit of a strong stream or tone it down a notch.

What water pressure you want is up to you. You have complete control over the wash and the amount of water pressure it will produce. If you need more to keep yourself clean, have at it.

Built with durable materials

Of course, you don’t like to buy something that won’t last, right? Well, as claimed, this bidet will last for a long time. Bio Bidet Elite 3 is made from durable materials that can assure you that it won’t break easily. This guarantees that you won’t have to replace it with a new one every single time.

As it will take some time for replacement, this will save you time and money searching for and buying a new bidet. BioBidet products are heavy duty, as attested by their mission that it is built to last.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have gone through the features, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bio Bidet Elite 3. We’ll begin with the good ones first, the advantages:


  • It won’t shrink the toilet seat: Some bidets make toilet seats change their size. It gets smaller after being installed. Worry no more! Bio bidet 3 is made with a universal design to ensure no size changes once installed in your toilets.
  • Easy Installation: It was said earlier that it is easy and could only take minutes to install. It only takes basic DIY skills that will put this together as it includes an installation manual which you just have to follow. It assures you that your toilet will be an excellent self-cleaning machine when you have this installed and testing it out.
  • Adjustable pressure controls: Everyone has their water pressure preference when it comes to cleaning themselves to meet their hygienic needs. Some don’t require that much high pressure for cleaning, and some do. This is why Bio Bidet Elite 3 has this great feature that allows you to adjust the pressure depending on your comfort level.


  • Leaks can occur after long-term use: Some users reported having experienced internal leaks from the product after a year of using it. To avoid this, you may need to check and maintain the wand as needed.
    • This could be negligence on the user’s part as they failed to have a regular check on the product.
  • Incompatibility with slow closing seats: if you have a toilet known to close closely, this product is not for you as using this can be a problem. The reason behind this is the design. Despite having a universal design, flaws still make it incompatible with other toilets’ designs.

Comparisons to Related Items

Now let’s glimpse other bidets in the market that can be compared with Bio Bidet Elite 3.


Has Advantage in Design: Samodra Ultra-Slim Bidet ($49.00)

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Has Advantage in Feature: Luxe Bidet Neo 320 ($56.99)

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Almost the same as Bio Bidet Elite 3: Zen Bidet Warm ($54.95)

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Samdora Ultra-Slim Bidet

Material: Radar-based

Product Weight: 1.32 pounds

Product Dimensions: 16.57(L) x 7.17(W) x 3.86(H) inches

Samodra: $39.00 (single nozzle)

Samodra: $49.00 (dual nozzle)

Amazon: $29.99 (currently unavailable)

Walmart: $24.98

This bidet is somehow like the Bio Bidet Elite 3, as it also has a dual cleaning nozzle. Regarding design, Samodra gets the point as it has a slimmer design compared to the Bio Bidet Elite 3. Also, both products are alike in some features too.

The two bidets have adjustable water pressure, which is why both are designed to give you comfort while cleaning. These two are made from high-quality materials, thus guaranteeing that they can last long and surely won’t quit on you after short-term use. However, the Samodra Ultra-Slim Bidet uses eco-friendly materials, but it does not compromise its quality.

This bidet, according to some users, “works as described” and is cost-effective. This is a cheaper dupe for Bio Bidet Elite 3.

It also has nozzle protection and a cover to maintain cleanliness for hygienic purposes.

Prices may vary depending on the style of the chosen bidet. Samodra Ultra-Slim Bidet is available in two styles- Dual Nozzle and Single Nozzle. In terms of price, the Single Nozzle is cheaper compared to the Dual one.


  • Available in two styles, Dual Nozzle and Single Nozzle
  • Ultra-Slim Design
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Has Nozzle Protection
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Not so easy to install
  • The spray’s angle is a bit off

Luxe Bidet Neo 320

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 2.05 pounds

Product Dimensions: 13.5(L) x 7(W) x 3(H) inches

LUXEBidet: $56.99

Amazon: $55.07

Walmart: $55.00

The one feature Bio Bidet Elite 3 does not have is the ability to control the water temperature. Voila! This bidet has it! The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 has an adjustable water temperature feature which you can opt for whether you want hot or cold water to clean yourself up.

This bidet also has dual nozzles, which are perfect for feminine cleansing. In addition, it has a guard gate that ensures better hygiene after using the bathroom. This guard gate shields the nozzle and automatically retracts behind it after each wash to provide protection and high sanitation. Water pressure can be adjusted too. It can be controlled to your stream of preference by comfort level.

This bidet is designed to fit any toilet.

It can be bought at a lower price on Amazon and Walmart with an 18-month warranty.


  • Available in three colors, Blue, Rose Gold, and White
  • Has Dual Nozzle
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Has Nozzle Guard Gate
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to Install


  • Has leaking issues over time
  • Won’t fit into a 1-pc toilet
  • It may take a long time to heat the water – dependent on the available hot water supply from the sink line
  • Some parts are not sturdy enough

Zen Bidet Warm

Material: Stainless Steel

Product Weight: 2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 17.72(L) x 11.22(W) x 4.13(H) inches

ZENbidet: $54.95

Amazon: $49.99

eBay: $73.61

Zen Bidet Warm and Bio Bidet Elite 3 are similar as they have almost the same features. It’s just that Zen Bidet Warm has the edge on the latter as it has an adjustable water temperature feature. Which, once again, a Bio Bidet Elite 3 should have.

Zen bidet warm also got a point for being cheaper compared to the Bio Bidet Elite 3. It also claims that it’s easy to install and will only take 10 minutes.

This can be purchased for $49.99 on Amazon and comes with a 1-yr Warranty.


  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to control water pressure
  • Easy self-installation
  • Great for anyone recovering from surgery


  • Incompatible with some Kohler 1 pc toilet seats.
  • Has leaking issues

Final verdict

If you are on the hunt for a reliable bidet, then Bio Bidet Elite 3 is the perfect option for you! This bidet is easy to install on almost any toilet in your home. The design is very modern, its functions are high-end, it has excellent quality, and it is cost-effective too. This is definitely what you are looking for.

This add-on, for what it’s worth, is very efficient as it’s from a reliable brand, long-lasting as it’s made from high-quality materials, and doesn’t take long to install. Install it today, and it is also ready to use that same day. It provides comfort through its adjustable water pressure feature and ultimate sanitation through its self-cleaning nozzle. All its features are very beneficial to cleanliness and hygienic purposes.

Besides this, you can also save up money from installation fees as installing this can be done on your own. It could also save up some time and money from looking new bidet as this one could last long as it’s made from heavy-duty materials.

By now, you’ve probably made up your mind to buy it.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours now while you still can!

In what way the 3 given bidets are different from Bio Bidet Elite 3?


The three featured bidets have their styles and design. Bio Bidet Elite 3 has a dual nozzle and is only available in color white. Unlike Samodra Ultra-Slim Bidet, it is designed to be slimmer and is available in two styles, a dual nozzle one and a single nozzle. Of course, the price may vary depending on the chosen style. It is mentioned that a single nozzle is cheaper than a dual one. Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is also different in design in terms of colors. It has 3 colors for users to choose from – Blue, Rose Gold, and White. Their prices vary, too, depending on the chosen color on Amazon.


The bidets all differ in what features they have. The only feature that Bio Bidet Elite 3 doesn’t have is adjustable water temperature. This feature allows users to control or change the temperature of the water depending on how hot or cold they want it to be. Luxe Bidet Neo 320 and Zen Bidet Warm have this feature, giving them both points. This feature is a must-have for Bio Bidet Elite 3 as this is important, especially during the change of weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bio Bidet Elite 3?

Bio Bidet Elite 3 is an add-on to your toilet. It is designed to level up your toilet by giving the features your toilet lacks. You can save up money on installation fees as this requires no professional. You can have it installed on your toilet by yourself. This add-on brings convenience when it comes to cleaning, as it has self-cleaning nozzles, adjustable water pressure, and a universal design. It is designed to fit any toilet.

It’s also built with durable materials, so it guarantees that it can be of use for a long time. This add-on is very cost-effective. Its features are high-end, and it’s also not that expensive. It’s very affordable, and it’s good for those who are on a budget but want to level up their toilet experience.

How is Bio Bidet Elite 3 different from the top 3 picks?

Bio Bidet Elite 3 differs from the 3 as its design is limited. It’s only available in the dual nozzle and the color white. In terms of features, it doesn’t have adjustable water temperature, though it should have. Not having this does not limit its effectivity with its other features. This add-on is superb when it comes to quality.

This is attested as it’s from a reliable brand. It is not just worth it, but you can guarantee long service from this product as it’s made with durable materials too. This design is very modern and doesn’t shrink the toilet seat or make it look smaller like those add-ons from other brands. Its universal design guarantees no size changes when you have it installed in your toilets.

What product in the top 3 picks is most likely the same as Bio Bidet Elite 3?

Among the three, Zen Bidet Warm is almost the same as the Bio Bidet Elite 3 except that it has that one feature the Bio Bidet Elite 3 doesn’t have – adjustable water temperature. This makes this product advantageous when it comes to features. The only difference between the two is this feature and its compatibility with other toilets. Though Bio Bidet Elite 3 has a universal design, it still has some flaws, making it incompatible with slow-closing seats. While Zen Bidet warm claimed that it’s incompatible with some Kohler 1-piece toilet seats.

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