The Ultimate Toto g400 Review (Plus The Best Comparisons)

If you are looking for a bidet, you know that choosing one out of many is a challenge. You already have a couple of finalists on your shortlist. If you’re reading this, the Toto g400 is one of them.

This Toto g400 review might be the last thing you’ll read before making a decision. We’ll go over the features, the pros, and the cons and compare it to some of the other bidets currently on the market.

You may be looking for something that you can install in your bathroom when the time comes to replace your old bidet. Before you decide that the Toto g400 is best for you, let’s look at this in-depth review.

Toto g400 Features

toto g400

When choosing a Bidet, the most important thing to look at is its features and their importance to you. Let’s begin by looking at some of the top luxurious features the Toto G400 offers. We will also evaluate their benefits and what makes them perfect for a well-deserved spot in your bathroom. Here’s what it offers:


If there is one thing that’s always unpleasant to do, it’s cleaning the toilet. You’ll use different chemicals to keep it clean, but cleaning products aren’t the most pleasant smelling. So, the Toto G400 is out to make your life way easier.

The Toto G400 has various technological advancements that allow it to keep itself squeaky clean with ease while giving you personalized control over your experience through customizable settings.

It has a self-cleaning wand that ensures the bidet stays clean every time, saving you time and money otherwise spent on cleaning products and the like.

Using the remote control, you can easily alter the bidet’s settings, including five temperatures, pressure, front/rear cleanse, and types of spray.

These features are all coupled with Toto’s very own CEFIONTECT® glaze that prevents particles from sticking to the bowl’s sides, making cleaning more accessible, faster, and more convenient.

Automatic lid

The Toto G400 comes with the ability to open by itself and at the press of a remote control button. The lid also uses sensor detection to understand when you enter or leave the bathroom. It smartly operates independently, activating a PreMist function and cleaning accordingly.

These features allow for excellent hygiene and sanitation since you avoid physical contact with the flush, bidet, or lid. It also redefines luxury by incorporating futuristic technology and operating without noise.

Heated seating

Everyone hates the feeling of sitting on a cold toilet seat first thing on a winter morning and being met with that unfortunately familiar discomfort. Luckily no longer will you have to deal with that because you have a seat that can heat itself. You can easily customize the temperatures over five settings that range from 82 to 97 degrees (F) via the remote.

This feature may be a godsend for those with cold winter bathrooms. If there is one good reason you should get the Toto G400, it’s probably this one feature that takes the cake and will spoil you the most. Trust me; there is no going back once you experience this.

Automatic flushing

As mentioned, automated features are pretty convenient. Of course, no bidet would be good without the automatic flushing feature that allows hands-free operation. Touching the handle is warranted on regular toilets. But think of the germs you might be touching as a result. Not to mention, you could also be wasting a bit more water than you should.

Not only do you get hands-free flushing with this model, but it will also efficiently use water, so you don’t waste much of it in one flush.

It has a dual-max flush that allows you to choose between a 1.28 or 0.9 Gallons flush, depending on your requirement, and then flushes automatically. It also has 3D flushing technology that uses circular tornado motion of the water to effectively clean.

Drying and deodorizing

One of the most impressive features of the Toto G400 is its drying and deodorizing ability. It has a built-in warm air dryer that dries the moisture in the bowl to keep it sanitary after every flush.

It also has a deodorizer that uses air filters made from ionized carbon that only needs to be cleaned monthly and replaced bi-annually. These filters remove any foul smells in the bathroom after use and ensure that your bathroom smells fresh and pleasant. Never do you have to worry about bathroom odors again.

Think about it: you walk into the bathroom, and the smell hits you immediately. With the Toto G400, that will be a thing of the past.

Sleek exterior design

Of course, functionality and comfort are essential, but how can one forget the aesthetics of the product at hand? You will be glad to find out that the Toto G400 has one of the most aesthetically pleasing and sleek designs in the market that are sure to enhance any bathroom it is in.

Furthermore, the skirted design goes beyond aesthetics, serves a functional purpose, and allows for effortless cleaning due to the lack of curvature.


Excellent for hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene are everything when it comes to using the bathroom. The Toto G400 is perfect for that. It will save you time, keep your bathroom fresh and germ-free and allow you to waste less than you need to stay clean. Plus, the self-cleaning feature of this bidet is a lifesaver, especially for someone like me who puts off bathroom cleaning as long as possible.

Great hands-free operation

The hands-free operation is a significant upgrade in comfort and convenience with Automatic flushing, lid, cleaning, and heating. It’s a bidet that dreams are made of.

Three-year warranty

Things can always go wrong, but even if they do, you need not worry. The good news is that the Toto G400 comes with a three-year warranty if something happens to it.

Environmentally friendly

The Toto G400 makes great strides in being a fantastic environmentally friendly option. It reduces toilet paper usage and limits water waste through its innovative dual-max and 3D flushing technology.

Highly customizable

The Toto G400 is highly customizable in all aspects. Its remote allows you to create personalized settings for the bidet, heated seat, flush and more. Furthermore, the remote can save these settings for future ease of use.

Heated seat and water

Who can forget perhaps the most luxurious (and my favorite) feature in the world of bidets and toilets; temperature control? The G400 offers an incredibly customizable quality to adjust the temperature of your seat and the water spray to your preferences.


Delay in sensors

The sensors are essential to the entire operation of automated features; however, they may sometimes delay performing specific functions. There could be some improvements in terms of their timing.

Must be professionally installed

The G400 may be one of the more complicated toilets to install. While it isn’t entirely impossible to do it yourself, the installation guide is about 50 pages long. So, we would instead suggest that you get it installed professionally.

No night light

It does not come with a night light despite the price point; however, an aftermarket bowl night light is possible to install for those that require it.

The front wand is not lengthy enough

The front wand, which is exceptionally customizable for use by the ladies, is insufficient in length for some customers. I had no problems with it, but other users have complained about it ruining their usage experience.

Toto Aimes Washlet

toto g400

The Toto Aimes has none of the automated features that the G400 boasts; however, it still has a bidet and some similar technology to the G400, such as CEFIONTECT® glaze, as Toto produces both. There are some slight size differences between the two bidets.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever One Piece Toilet

toto g400

The G400 and the Well Made Forever toilet have sleek, eye-catching designs. However, the Swiss Madison does not have the luxury technological features the G400 has. It also does not have specific bidet functionality. It is a fundamental offering.

With that said, the Swiss Madison is far cheaper and hence more accessible price-wise, so it is perfect for someone with a limited budget. It is also much easier to install than the G400.

While the G400 is much more expensive, it is worth the investment. It provides competitive market value for money, given all its features.

Final Thoughts

The Toto G400 is easily one of the best offerings on the market and may be the best fit for you. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a wide array of luxurious, comforting, highly convenient, and customizable features?

It is a package impossible to say no to. While it is a bit pricier, it is competitively priced and worth every penny for its quality, features, and luxury. It will soon become a purchase you’re never going to regret.

We live in an age where the world around us is rapidly becoming smart, and so are our bathrooms. The Toto G400 is the toilet of choice for those who want to experience this shift firsthand and enjoy its fruits.


Does the Toto G400 have a warranty?

Yes, the Toto G400 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Does the G400 flush manually or automatically?

Both are possible. The Toto G400 comes equipped with a smart automatic flush that flushes after every use. You can personalize its settings via the remote; however, if you wish to use manual flushing instead, you can disable this feature.

Does the Toto G400 require a power outlet?

Yes, the Toto G400 is powered by a power cord that you must plug into a nearby socket to use its automatic and electronic features.

How long is the G400’s power cord?

The Toto G400’s power cord has a maximum length of 3.94 ft.

Does the G400 come with all required installation apparatus?

No. As is the industry standard, the Toto G400 does not come with specific hardware elements that are always separately bought by the consumers, such as floor bolts and wax rings.

What is the Toto G400’s water tank capacity?

The G400 comes with a 250W Water heater tank with a volume of 25.6 oz (0.78L). This tank provides up to 1 to 2 minutes of wash time with temperature-controlled water.

Is the Toto G400 environmentally friendly?

Yes, The Toto G400 is indeed environmentally friendly. Its customizable bidet eliminates the need for toilet paper. At the same time, its intelligent and efficient dual-max flush and 3D flushing technology prevent water wastage. It is one of the most environmentally friendly offerings on the market.

Can I swap out the seat that comes in the G400 with the bidet of another Toto model?

Unfortunately, due to the personalized nature of the model, you can not swap the seat with that of another Toto model. However, if your seat gets damaged, feel free to contact customer service and ask for a replacement.

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