Toto S550e VS C200: Is It Really Worth Spending More?

Update 19/03/2021: Toto has now released the C5 washlet, which is due to replace the C200. Check out my comparison of the C5 and C200 here. I highly recommend purchasing one of the newer models now (unless the C200 is drastically cheaper).

The C200 and the S550e are pretty different bidets.

The Toto C200 is a solid mid-range option, while the S550e is Toto’s most luxurious offering.

The question here is: is the S550e worth it? 

So, what’s the difference between the Toto C200 and the Toto S550e washlets?

The Toto C200 comes with all the standard features you’d expect from a bidet, plus a deodorizer, a remote control with user presets, and a premist. The S550e has everything the C200 has, plus more. The extra features include an auto-opening and closing lid, ewater+, a nightlight, and a slimmer profile.

Note: the s550e only comes in an elongated shape. The C200 comes in both round and elongated.

In a rush? Click here to view the Toto C200 and here to view the Toto S550e (both open in new tabs).

What’s the same

As I said above, the bidets share some features. 

I’ve briefly explained each one below. If you want to skip to the differences, click here.

  • Core luxuries. The core Toto luxuries come with every bidet. These include a heated seat, a dryer, a dual-action (front and rear) spray wand, a quick-release button for easy cleaning, on-demand wand cleaning, and a soft close seat.
  • Pulsating and oscillating spray modes. Using these is like starting party time in your toilet. The water stream dances around instead of spraying straight at you, making toilet time that little bit more enjoyable. The oscillating spray moved backwards and forwards for fuller coverage. The pulsating mode sprays in quick intervals.
  • Remote controls with personal settings. Remotes are MUCH easier than side control panels.
Toto c200 and s550e remote side by side
Toto C200 remote vs S550E remote
  • You can have the controls right in front of you instead of having to reach round into the unknown and hoping you press the right button. They also let you save two lots of settings: the water pressure, temperature, and wand position. Handy if you like a soft, warm spray, but your partner likes a strong, cold spray.
  • Energy saver mode. Both bidets will automatically detect periods of low or no usage and adjust the settings accordingly. This helps make sure you’re not wasting any energy. Good for the environment and your pockets.
  • Air deodorizer. Remember the last time you happily walked into the bathroom only to be greeted with a horrible smell. That will never happen again with this feature. While you’re using the bidet, the air deodorizer will pull the air from in and around your toilet and pass it through a filter. The filter will catch any nasty odors and pump out fresh, clean air.


Both the C200 and the S550E come with premist. It’s a feature unique to Toto, which is why I want to talk about it in more detail.

What is premist?

Think of it in the same way as oiling a pan before you cook. If you didn’t oil the pan, everything would stick and it would be a nightmare to clean.

Premist is like the oil, but for your toilet bowl. 

gif of premist with particles falling on the toilet bowl but not sticking
Premist in action

The bidet mists the toilet bowl with water before you use it. This stops any dirt from sticking to the toilet bowl, meaning you no longer have to clean it. 

What’s different

The differences are mostly features the S550e has that the C200 doesn’t. It’s up to you to decide if these features are worth the extra money.

I personally love the S550e and think it’s worth every cent.

It’s one of those situations where you don’t realize how much you’d miss all the bells and whistles until you do. (Damn I wish I lived in Japan).

S550E uses Ewater+

Ewater+ is a revolution in toilet hygiene.

What is Ewater+?

It stands for electrolyzed water. The bidet infuses the water with electrolytes and then use this special water to clean the toilet bowl and the spray wands.

Ewater is a proven disinfectant, and Toto has shown that it will keep your toilet bowl 80% cleaner than a dry bowl. This means less cleaning for you.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

The ewater is used to mist the toilet bowl after you’ve used it, and to automatically clean the spray wands after use. The C200 uses normal water.

S550E has a stronger dryer 

Both the bidets have dryers, but the S550E wins the prize for the strongest.

It’s not just stronger than the C200’s dryer; it’s one of the strongest on the market!

  • The Toto C200’s dryer has an airflow of 9.53ft3 /min
  • The Toto S550E’s dryer has an airflow of 10.24 ft3/min

S550E has a wide front cleanse spray mode

This is one for us, ladies.

The wide front spray covers more area to give a super thorough clean on the days you need it most.

It’s slightly gentler than the regular spray but still just as effective. Perfect if your downstairs is feeling sensitive.

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S550E has an auto open and close lid 

Want to feel like a king (or queen) in your own home?

Get a toilet seat that automatically opens and closes. 

automatic opening and closing lid diagram toto s550e
How does the automatic opening lid work

As you approach the S550E, the seat will automatically open and then close again as you walk away. It’s a feature that isn’t strictly necessary, but boy does it make you feel good.

There’s also a button on the S550E’s remote that allows you to open and close the toilet seat without touching it. This is actually really handy if you’re a guy. Or if you’re living with someone who can never remember to put the seat down.

Now they have no excuse, all they have to do is press a button.

S550E has a nightlight

Night-time wakers rejoice. 

You no longer have to experience the horrors of turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night.

Instead, the S550E will gently guide you to the toilet with its soft nightlight. You can do what you came to do, then go back to bed still tired and relaxed rather than alert and awake.

They use different water heating methods

The C200 uses tank heating, while the S550E uses instantaneous heating.

Toto c200 vs s550e water heating systems
Toto C200 and Toto S550E water heating systems

Which ones better?

The C200 has a tank where it keeps a reservoir of hot water. When you use the toilet, the water comes from this reservoir. 

The advantage of this is that the hot water is instant. There’s no waiting around for it to heat up.

The disadvantage is that the hot water is limited to how much the tank can hold. The tank is fairly big and can hold a couple of minutes worth of hot water. But this is a direct trade-off with aesthetics. A big tank means a bulkier bidet.

The S550E does away with the tank and uses a more modern technique. The water is heated as and when you need it. 

This heating method uses less energy (because it’s not constantly heating water) and means you have unlimited hot water. The lack of a tank also means you have a more streamlined seat.

However, there may be a 1-2 second delay for the hot water.

S550E has extra energy-saving features 

Both seats offer automatic energy saving, but the S550E goes a step further. It allows you to pick the hours where your bidet turns on energy-saving mode.

You can choose between intervals of 6 or 9 hours.

With the C200, you have no control over this. You either have it turned off, or you accept the hours the washlet chooses. 

Shape and size

The C200 comes in both round and elongated toilet seat shapes.

The S550E ONLY comes in elongated. If you have a round toilet, then look at the S350E model. It’s very similar to the S550E.

Toto c200 and Toto s550e dimensions
Toto C200 vs S550E dimensions

Because the C200 has a water tank it’s taller and bulkier than the S550E. In fact, the C200 is over 2 inches thicker than the S550E.

Final Thoughts

Both are solid choices, and you won’t be disappointed with either.

The C200 is one of Toto’s most popular models and the S550E is Totos top of the range model. 

Personally, I think if you’re considering the S550E then you should bite the bullet and go for it.

A bidet is a long-term purchase and you don’t want to find yourself longing for an upgrade within a few months.

Who should buy the Toto C200?

If you’re trying to keep the costs down then go for the C200. 

It’s a solid choice, and with the Toto name behind it, you can be sure of its quality and core luxuries.

Some of which you won’t find elsewhere.

Who should buy the Toto S550E?

If you want the WOW factor and ultimate luxury go for the S550E.

You’re getting the best bidet money can buy. There’s no feature it doesn’t have. 

Full disclosure: you might not ever want to get off the toilet!