Toto A100 vs C100: Is It Really Worth Spending More?

By Veronica Fletcher | 
Last updated on April 3, 2021

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Update 19/03/2021: Toto has now released the C2 washlet, which is due to replace the C100. Check out my comparison of the C2 and C100 here. I highly recommend purchasing one of the newer models now (unless the C100 is drastically cheaper).

You’ve narrowed your choices down to two washlets. But is the C100 worth the extra money?

I’m going to come straight out and say yes, it is.

In this article, I’ll explain why and discuss the differences between the two models.

No time? Here’s a summary.

What’s the difference between the Toto A100 and The Toto C100? 

Both seats have attached side panel controls, a heated seat, and an oscillating spray. The C200 also comes with an air deodorizer, a warm air dryer, and Toto’s famous premist function. The Toto A100 is a solid budget option but lacks some of the luxury features found on the Toto C100.

Click here to view the Toto A100 and here to view the Toto C100 (both open in new tabs).

What’s the same?

First off, I’m going to take you through the shared features of these bidets. If you want to skip straight to the differences, click here.

  • Dimensions and style
  • Aerated warm water. The water stream is infused with air bubbles, which means it provides a gentle but very effective cleanse while using less water. Great for the environment.
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure. Both seats offer excellent customizability. You have five different water pressures to pick from, as well as five different wand positions. This is great for women in particular who need a wider spray range. There are also three different water temperatures to pick from. Just like Goldilocks, you’d be able to choose the settings that are ‘just right’ for you.
  • Oscillating spray. When you engage oscillating spray, the spray wand moves backwards and forwards giving you a fuller coverage spray. Perfect for those days you need a little extra cleaning power.
  • Quick-release seat. This is a simple but handy feature. It allows you to remove the seat with the click of a button for easy cleaning.
  • Heated seat. As well as heated water, both these bidet seats offer the luxury of a heated seat. Hate getting up on a cold winter’s morning? The heated seat will make this a little bit easier. You can pick from three different temperature settings.
  • Control panel. You control both seats with an attached sidearm. On the sidearm are all the buttons you need to operate the seat.
  • Energy saver. If you’re concerned about your electricity usage, you’ll love this feature. Both seats will automatically detect periods of low and no use (such as when everyone is at work or school). During periods of low usage, the seat will lower the heated seat’s temperature. If there are times when you never use the seat, the seat will automatically turn off the water heater and heated seat.
  • Soft-close seat. Tired of hearing your toilet seat slam? You won’t have to worry anymore.

What’s different?

The C100 is the next model up from the A100. It has everything the A100 plus more.

Therefore, the differences are all extra features on the C100. 

It’s up to you to decide if these features are things you want or things you can live without.

For me, the C100 offers a LOT more than the A100 for not much extra money. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

Air Deodorizer

This is a feature that’s usually reserved for high-end bidets. So to see it on a budget option (the C100) is pretty cool.

As you sit down on your toilet, the deodorizer starts. Air from in and around the toilet is drawn in and passed through ionized carbon filters. The filters remove any trace of unpleasant odors.

Once you’ve finished, you can leave without worrying about lingering (or embarrassing) smells. 

No more frantically wafting your hands around or spraying the telltale air freshener!


Premist is exclusive to Toto washlets.

Like the deodorizer, the premist function is automatically activated when you sit down.

You can think of premist in the same way as oiling a pan before you cook. The oil stops your food from sticking to the pan.

Similarly, the bidet ‘mists’ the toilet bowl with water and this layer of water prevents dirt from adhering to the bowl so it’s easily flushed away.

In other words, no more skid marks.

Toto says that on a premisted bowl waste is flushed away 80% more effectively than on a dry bowl.


If a dryer is an essential function for you, opt for the C100.

As a budget option, I’m not going to claim it’s the most powerful dryer on the market, but it will help you significantly reduce your toilet paper usage.

The dryer has 5 different temperature settings and airflow of 9.53ft3 /min. It will take a while to fully dry you but will get you 85% of the way in a reasonable amount of time.

Size and color options

There are two types of toilet, round and elongated. 

The C100 offers size options for both toilet types, while the A100 only offers an elongated size. 

If you have a round toilet, the C100 is your only option out of the two. 

The C100 also comes in two different colors: cotton white and sedonia beige. The A100 only comes in cotton white.

Final Thoughts

I’d go for the C100. The extra features like premist and the air deodorizer more than justify the extra outlay. 

As with any long term investment, I think it’s better to spend a little more to get the extra features. (I still regret not getting the latest iPhone when I replaced my phone a few years ago.).

That way you can guarantee that you won’t spend your time on the toilet wishing you had an air deodorizer.

The bidet will last long enough that the extra expense actually becomes pretty insignificant.

Who should buy the Toto C100?

The C100 is Toto’s most popular bidet and for good reason. 

It’s the best choice for anyone looking to get value for money and wants a luxury experience without the price tag of a high-end bidet.

Who should buy the Toto A100?

The A100 is the best option for those on a stringent budget who want to experience the luxury of the Toto brand. 

It’s a basic model with basic features. But with the Toto name, you can be sure of its quality and durability.

If your primary concern is budget and you don’t care as much about the brand, I recommend looking at a Smart bidet (the SB-1000 model specifically).

It’s pretty similar to the A100 but also has a dryer and a self-cleaning wand.

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