Toto K300 VS C200: Is It Really Worth Spending More?

By Veronica Fletcher | 
Last updated on August 25, 2022

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Update 19/03/2021: Toto has now released the C5 washlet, which is due to replace the C200. Check out my comparison of the C5 and C200 here, or skip to the end of the article where I’ve briefly discussed the K300 vs the C5. I recommend purchasing one of the newer models (unless the C200 is drastically cheaper).

Shopping for a bidet isn’t easy. There’s just so much choice out there.

But you’ve stumbled upon two great choices.

The K300 and the C200 are both spectacular bidets. Some say life-changing!

This article is going to help you pick between them. I explain the differences between the two models as well as some features they share.

Here’s a quick summary.

What’s the difference between the Toto K300 and The Toto C200? The K300 is the newer model and offers more bang for your buck than the C200. It has a more powerful dryer, a sleeker design, and unlimited hot water. That said, the C200 is a solid budget option. Both come with the famous Toto pre-mist feature and a wireless remote.

Best Overall

New Toto K300

Featuring unlimited hot water and Toto’s most powerful dryer, the K300 offers exceptional value for money. Now available with eWater+ too (optional).

Great Value For Money

New Toto C5

The new Toto C5 replaces Toto’s older C200 model. Featuring eWater+ as standard, as well as a much thinner and slimline profile compared to it’s predecessor.

Older Model

Toto C200

The Toto C200 can still be an excellent choice at the right price. That said, its bulky profile and dated internals make it less appealing than the newer Washlet models.

What’s the same

Let’s start by looking at what’s exactly the same.

The two washlets share most basic features, plus some more exciting things. 

For example, pre-mist – a feature that sets both these washlets apart from their competition (more on that later).

Here’s a quick run-down of the basic shared features:

  • Heated seat. You can adjust the seat temperature between 82-97 degrees Fahrenheit. Your bum will be nice and toasty, even in the dead of winter.
  • Soft-close seat and lid. No more slamming noises coming from the bathroom. Your lie-in will never be interrupted again, BLISS.
  • Quick-release button – this means you can take the whole bidet off in one go. Cleaning underneath the washlet is a doddle.
  • Self-cleaning wands. The spray wands rinse themselves inside and out, before and after each use. This keeps them hygienic and gives you peace of mind.
  • Air deodorizer. Do you keep an air freshener near your loo? There’ll be no need for that with the K300 or the C200. Both have an air deodorizer that runs automatically when you sit down to absorb odors. Your bathroom will never have smelt fresher. 
  • Remote control. If you asked me to pick a remote or control panel, I’d go for the remote every time. They’re easier to use, more stylish, and make the seat less bulky. (I cheated slightly here. The remotes don’t look EXACTLY the same. But they’re close enough)
C200 remote vs K300 remote
The K300’s remote has a more updated look

The remotes can remember up to 2 user presets. This means you don’t have to faff around every time you go to the toilet, re-setting the settings. It saves you time.


I wanted to talk about pre-mist in a little more detail because even though both seats have it, it’s very unique in the bidet world. It’s a stand-out feature that places the K300 and the C200 in a class of their own.

Whenever you cook anything, you coat the pan with a light layer of oil to stop anything from sticking.

Pre-misting does the same thing for your toilet.

As you sit down, the washlet mists the toilet bowl with water. The thin veil of water ensures nothing sticks to the bowl and is easily flushed away once you’re finished.

Pre-mist eliminates waste 80% more efficiently compared to a dry bowl.

You’ll have no need for a toilet brush anymore because your bidet does all the hard work for you! No more embarrassing stains covering your bowl and less time spent scrubbing the toilet bowl. Win-win!

What’s different?

Now onto the juicy stuff… 

The K300 is the more expensive model and so wins in a lot of these categories (but not all!).

This section will equip you with the knowlegde to figure out if you should spend the extra money on the K300 or stick with the more basic C200 model.

Disclaimer: for me, the K300 is DEFINITELY worth the extra money.

The water heating method

The K300 uses tankless heating while the C200 heats its water in a tank.

C200 vs K300 heating method
Heating methods on the C200 and K300 compared

Tankless heaters are better because:

  • The seats are slimmer and better looking
  • They have unlimited hot water
  • They use less energy because they’re not continuously heating water, so it’s better for the environment (and your wallet).

One small catch to tankless heating is that there’s a 1-2 second burst of cold water while you wait for the water to heat up.

The tank on the C200 also has instant hot water. But it’s bulky, uses more energy and the hot water isn’t unlimited.

The hot water from the tank should last you at least 2 minutes even at the highest pressures. This will be enough for most people to get clean, but on the odd occasion, you might notice the water getting colder.

The problems start when you often have 2 people using the toilet one after the other.

If the tank doesn’t have sufficient time to heat up, your bums in for a shock (of the chilly variety!).

Air dryer

Air dryers on bidets are known for being more of a nice-to-have than being actually useful. 

I’m not going to lie and say the Toto’s dryer will blow you away… it wont.

BUT the Toto K300 does have the strongest dryer out of any bidet in the world. It’s identical to the dryer on Toto’s most premium model – the S550e – with an airflow of 10.24 ft3/min.

Compare this to the C200’s dryer which has an airflow of 9.53ft3 /min.

The more powerful airflow on the K300 will completely dry you in about 1-2 minutes.

On the C200, you’ll be waiting 3-4 minutes

When time is of the essence, the K300 comes up trumps.

Size and aesthetics

You can instantly tell that the K300 is the newer model. It has a much more modern look and feel to it.

Mainly due to the slimmer design.

K300 vs C200 size
The K300 is 2 inches shorter than the C200
  • The K300 measures 5 3/16″ at its tallest point
  • The C200 measures 7 3/8” at its tallest point

2 inches is a big difference and is definitely noticeable. If you care for the asthetics, the K300 is the way to go. (is instagraming your bathroom a thing?)

Note: if you have a round toilet the C200 is your only option.

The K300 only comes in the elongated style and I don’t recommend putting an elongated seat on a round toilet unless you’re planning on getting a new toilet any time soon.

Energy-saving features

Automatic energy saving has become standard for most mid-high range bidets. And neither the K300 or the C200 disappoint.

How do they reduce energy usage?

They both have an auto energy saver mode that detects low or no usage periods and activates low power mode. This saves you money (on the electricity bills) AND the planet. 

But the K300 goes two steps further.

  • You can pick when you want low power mode to be activated. SUPER useful if you have a changing schedule that means auto mode won’t work for you. 
  • The K300 also has an on/off button. To turn the C200 off, you need to unplug it. Unplugging awkward plugs is just the worst, isn’t it? A simple button is MUCH more convenient.


Part of the fun of a bidet is playing around with the settings. 

It’s like the goldilocks conundrum… you want to be able to get the temperature and position of the spray just right. 

Both the washlets have good customizability, but surprisingly the C200 wins out for having the most.

Here’s a table explaining the number of custom options for each washlet:

Water Pressure55
Water Temperature53
Seat Temperature53
Dryer Temperature53
Wand Position55
Spray Modes54
How many setting options are there for each washlet?

Check Latest Price – Toto K300
Check Latest Price – Toto C200

Despite being the newer model, the K300 comes with less customizability. You can only pick from 3 different temperature settings rather than 5.

When I tested the two seats I didn’t mind having less choice and found the middle setting of the K300 very comfortable.

The extra settings on the C200 are cool.

But you don’t NEED them.

You’ll probably just pick your favorite temperature and never use the other options.

What are the different spray mode options?

C200: rear cleansing, rear soft cleansing, front cleansing, oscillating mode, pulsating mode

K300: rear cleansing, rear soft cleansing, front cleansing, oscillating mode

The C200 has an extra pulsating spray.

Pulsating cleanse offers a massaging effect

The pulsating spray alternates between medium and high pressures to massage the bottom.

It’s a good feature that I’m surprised the K300 is missing, but not having it isn’t a deal-breaker. The normal spray does a brilliant job of cleaning you on its own.

Check Latest Price – Toto K300
Check Latest Price – Toto C200

Final thoughts

Ultimately which bidet you should but comes down to one thing: is money your main concern, or is having the latest features more important?

It’s a no brainer for me. The price difference is small enough that the K300 is more than worth it.

A bidet is a long-term investment and something I wouldn’t want to replace for AT LEAST a few years. I’d rather spend the extra money now and get one I won’t want to upgrade shortly.

Who should buy the Toto K300?

If you want a great value-for-money modern bidet, go for the K300. It’s got many of the same features as Toto’s ultra-premium models for a fraction of the price.

Because it’s a newer model it includes upgrades to newer technologies (such as tankless heating) plus a few extra features (like the on/off button).

Who should buy the Toto C200?

If budget is your main priority then go for the C200.

It’s still a fantastic entry-level bidet from the most respected bidet brand on the market.

Toto K300 vs Toto C5 – What’s the difference?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there’s a new version of the C200 – the C5. Here I break down the difference between the K300 and the C5.

The main difference between the K300 and the C5 is the water heating method. The C5 uses an inbuilt water tank to hold warm water, while the K300 heats the water as and when you need it. The K300 provides unlimited hot water, but the C5’s hot water can run out. 

Both methods provide instant hot water, so you don’t need to worry about cold shocks.

How long does the hot water in the C5 last?

I know, I read your mind.

On average, the hot water will last around a minute. But of course, it’s dependent on your settings. If you’re using the highest pressure setting the water will run out a little quicker.

Also, it won’t go from hot-cold all of a sudden. The temperature change will be more gradual. 

As you’re using the hot water, the tank is being filled with cold water from your pipes. The hot and the cold water will mix together lowering the temperature of the water until it’s mostly cold.

If you do completely empty the tank, you’ll need to wait several minutes for the water to reheat. Exactly how long will depend on the ambient temperature of the water in your home. In colder climates, it may take up to 6 minutes to fully reheat the water, and in warmer climates, you may only be waiting 4 minutes.

To complicate matters slightly, there are currently two versions of the K300 – the SW3036 and the newer SW3036R. 

The heating method is the only difference between the new K300 model (the SW3036R) and the C5. 

The older K300 model (the SW3036) is missing eWater+ and pulsating mode. 

eWater+ is a specially formulated electrolyzed water that sterilizes the spray wand after use and prevents any build-up of dirt. I think it’s a great feature and takes your bidet hygiene to the next level.

Pulsating mode is short bursts of water that give a massaging effect. It can be useful to help stimulate movement if you’re having trouble.

Everything else between the models is the same. 

Both models come with:

  • 5 different spray modes (including oscillating and pulsating)
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Adjustable wand position 
  • Heated seat 
  • Self-cleaning wand and on-demand wand cleaning
  • Warm air dryer
  • Air deodorizer
  • Premist
  • Remote control with user presets
  • On/off button
  • eWater+
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