Hello Tushy Bidet: The Best Review and Buying Guide 2023

hello tushy bidet

Hello Tushy Bidet is a brand that prioritizes environmental impact and sustainability. The company, founded in 2015, is dedicated to raising awareness of better sanitation and the benefits of using a bidet on the environment. Hello Tushy also contributes to a portion of its sales to villages in India that need functional and safe toilets. … Read more

Do You Use a Bidet After Peeing? Plus 4 Other Popular Q&A

do you use a bidet after peeing

Although bidets are incredibly popular in other parts of the world, they are only now beginning to rise in popularity in the United States. As a result, many people ask pretty common questions about the best practices for bidet use. One of these common questions is, “Do you use a bidet after peeing?” The answer … Read more

Bio Bidet Elite 3 Review 2023 (Plus Comparisons)

bio bidet elite 3

Most people dreamt of having a bidet that works well and can get its features done comfortably. Hooray! Dreams come true as these kinds of bidets exist, and Bio Bidet Elite 3 is proof of that. This review contains and discusses all you need to know about the product Bio Bidet Elite 3. We’ll look … Read more